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Those of You Who Started at Tui....


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I once took a bus from Porto to Valença do Minho and walked from there. Valença is a very interesting place to visit — it has an old Vauban-style fort and a LOT of Spanish shoppers who cross the border to buy Portuguese textiles (admittedly less interesting than the fort). But walking across the Minho on the old Eiffel-looking bridge is a really nice way to start out. Tui is a nice place to visit, too, so what we did was walk from the bus station through Valenca, ate lunch and explored it a bit, and then walked across the bridge. The bus is about 2 hours — we spent a few more hours in Valenca, and then had a few kms across the river and to the town of Tui where we spent our first night and had time to visit the church and the old town at our leisure.


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Train from Madrid. Got off in Guillarei, 3,7 kms from Tui. Then taxi to the bridge.
I started on the Portuguese side.


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My brother and I took the train from Santiago to Tui.

We stayed overnight in Santiago, and caught the 6:17 AM Spanish train to Vigo (Guixan). Then in Vigo caught the 9:20 AM Portuguese train from Vigo to Tui. Because train systems are different (Spanish/Portuguese) we could not by a single ticket from Santiago to Tui. So we bought the Santiago to Vigo ticket in Santiago, and the Vigo to Tui ticket when we got off the train in Vigo. Could buy the tickets on line instead of in the station.

The 9:20 AM train from Vigo got us into Tui a few minutes after 10 AM. In Tui, we walked from the train Station to the Tui Cathedral (abt 15 min walk) to get our passport stamped, and then walked the Camino to O'Porrino, where we spent our first night. We got to O'Porrino a little after 3 PM.

In O'Porrino we stayed in the Alojamiento Camino Portugues which we liked. Had dinner in O'Porrino at Malosera which was very very good. Had cafe/pastry the next morning at Panaderia Cafeteria O Progreso which was awesome. We loved O'Porrino.

There is a second train from Vigo to Tui which leaves about 6PM and arrives a few minutes before 7 PM. If you want to overnight in Tui instead of Santiago this is an option.



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We flew from Amsterdam to Porto , took the train to Casa Fernanda for some days and from there took the train to Valença and on to Tui and further on to Santiago

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Hi, In September past Caroline and I flew Aer Lingus to Santiago, bus to station, train to Vigo and bus to Tui. There is a train to Tui from Vigo, but you have to change station, but not well sign-posted. We were too late for the last train of the day to Tui, but spent the time at the cafe across the road from the bus station. Train from Santiago fast and comfortable. Bus to Tui was lovely because we saw various places that we ere to revisit over the next week.


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I walked there from Le Puy. (Go one, beat that. You can't, can you.)

Seriously, I got so sick of walking against the signs on the way to Porto I turned about at Valenca and walked back to Santiago and then Fisterra. Much better. Only thing is, I had to get a new CP credencial from that guy in the church at Tui. They warned me he was peevish, but I trusted in my relaxed antipodean charm. (Tip: if he's still there, do NOT employ relaxed antipodean charm.)


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I got to Tui via a canoe on the Rio Miño from Caminha.


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Is there a CP credential than can be had at Valenca or Tui? If so, where?
@AJGuillaume got his by mail — see post 7 in this thread. https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/the-countdown-has-started.65698/#post-808164

I am not sure whether Valença or Tui albergues are selling the spiffy Via Lusitana credenciales. Maybe peregrinos who have walked recently can tell us about availability of those credenciales more generally. I remember that the Porto cathedral had decided to keep selling the Spanish one only, but I am not sure whether they have reversed that decision due to popular demand. The Portuguese one is, IMO, prettier, and definitely of a higher quality paper.

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