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Three days: Santiago to Finisterre


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Hello everyone!

Last year we walked the first half of my camino from Sjp to Sahagun. This summer we are going tot walk from Sahagun to Finisterre. Most of the route is pretty clear to me except for the last part. We have three days to go from Santiago to Finisterre.

Can anybody tell me how the three days would approx. look like. How many kilometres each day? Are there a lot of Albergues? Etc.

Thanks again!
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Hola Marcel,
You can download a Santiago to Finisterre Guide here:

I walked last year and my days were:
Negreira - 23 km from Santiago Albergue
Olveiroa - 34 km Albergue
Finisterre - 29km Albergue

It is another 2.5km to the lighthouse and 2.5km back down so your last day could be a long one!
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