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COVID Three-minute video guide: what to do at albergues


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The Association of Municipaliteis of the Camino de Santiago in Spain has created a short video setting out the procedures for staying at albergues in the time of coronavirus. Very helpful, if somewhat daunting.

A different world
Looks a bit grim.


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2015-2019 walked all or more than half of CF 7 times... CP recently cancelled by Covid 19!
My bag is not big enough to carry a box of gloves that size? I wonder, for the benefit of pilgrims going in the near future, are gloves, masks and sanitizers readily available in stores along the routes, and if so, what will they cost. In USA, prices have skyrocketed.


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Some, and with luck, some more.
The Association of Municipaliteis of the Camino de Santiago in Spain has created a short video setting out the procedures for staying at albergues in the time of coronavirus. Very helpful, if somewhat daunting.

A different world
Well, if that's what's needed I guess we just have to play ball and be good house guests. Looks tiresome and comforting at the same time.

Buen (rule-following) Camino


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I am wondering what the pilgrim is supposed to do with the cutlery when both the kitchen and the dining room are closed. Not all albergues are supplied with outdoor patios or balconies where pilgrims can feed themselves, with their own cutlery, the cold food which they brought with them. I won't be walking until the preferred safety requirement is to hand your vaccination certificate with your id. to the hospitalero at the entrance. To those who want to walk right now, that is your choice. I would not feel safe or comfortable in the setting presented in this video. I do not question that this is being done out of current necessities.

Rebekah Scott

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AMCS worked with FICS to ensure there's an open pilgrim albergue at least every 23km. on the Frances, preferably a donativo or low-cost one, so everyone who wants to walk, can. They've also gone out of their way to get information on compliance out to every town and albergue, produced posters and signs, and now even a video so everyone is on the same page.
The video is just to illustrate what's recommended, what every pilgrim is expected to carry for his own use... so pilgrims don't expect things to be provided that are not. It's not written in stone. Your mileage may vary.
We are doing our best out here. Let's hope to God we don't have to shut it all down again!


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I don't see the purpose of wearing gloves or sanitizing shoes. Gloves can be just as germ laden as hands. The answer is handwashing.
An opportunity for a new thread! Gloves or no gloves? Latex gloves, nitrile gloves, or vinyl gloves?

I have an opinion - of course, which poster hasn't 🤣 -, I have my habits (evolving and adaptable), recent experiences, observations and preferences, and I even googled about it. :cool:
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The video presents a glimpse into what the Camino will be like for the foreseeable future and helps those contemplating a return to decide whether it's worth the risk. I can imagine a fastidious individual with a strong desire will decide, based in part on what's shown here, that it is possible. Now, if only all the others joining that Camino pilgrim are also of a fastidious nature in the true Camino spirit.


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For some reason the video didn't start at the beginning when I clicked on the link. Maybe this will work better.

Thanks, trecile. That vid didn't start for me either so I watched yours. Thanks for it. Now I am depressed more than I was about pilgrimaging this year. So if I understand correctly, if I wanted to make myself a cup of tea, that's a No Go. Not allowed to cook. It's all eat out or eat the things straight from the market--I suppose I can wash an apple in the bathroom if no one's looking. We'll see what it is like in 2022 (I won't walk in a Holy Year).

Tom Quinn

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The suggested procedure appears reasonable yet daunting when I am tired and hungry at the end of a walk. My dad had a phrase that seems to apply here. "Make haste, slowly!"

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