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Thrift Stores in Spain?

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Does anyone know if they have thrift stores in Spain, like Goodwill in the USA?
If yes, what are they called so we can look for them?
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Most medium to large city should have chinese bazaar shops where you can get stuff on the cheap. Almost all the stuff are imported from China, so the quality cannot be assured. Someone I know bought an umbrella for like 2 euros. Lasted exactly 2 days.


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I lived in Spain some years ago and I don't think they exist in Spain. I"m a thrift store shopper here in the U.S. and have shopped in thrift stores abroad but I don't think they have them in Spain. Maybe Rebekah could jump in on this, that, or open a thrift store.

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I could open a thrift store with all the doodads and unidentifiable farm implements left behind when the former owners left here. And throw in the stuff the pilgrims leave behind!

There are charity shops here, selling doilies and antimaccassars and tea-towels made by nuns. There are flea markets in bigger cities, usually on Sunday mornings. There are fair-trade shops selling goods made by rural folk in faraway lands, and there are classified ads for everything from used donkeys to downhill skis. But thrift stores? No.

In Spain (at least the part where I live), "thrift" means never, ever throwing away anything that might be useful someday. If you don´t have room for it, or it won´t fit, etc., you give it to your cousin or granny or friend, or you put it out in the barn. It wouldn´t occur to anyone to resell it, except perhaps to an antiques dealer.
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I don't think even the concept exists in Spain! I work in a charity shop (what they call thrift stores in the UK I guess) and we once had a Spanish lady come into the shop. She spent about two hours in the shop, bought lots of things and was totally amazed by the whole idea!
She kept saying
"So people give you these things for FREE!?!
And then you sell them for MONEY???
What a fantastic business concept ..You must make a fortune!!!!"
We couldn't seem to to make her understand the "For Charity" part of the deal!!
Her english wasn't brilliant so maybe she just didn't understand our words exactly... Anyway she assured us no such shops existed in her country!

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