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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

To SJPP and back from Santiago with bikes

My husband and I are planning a mountain bike trip on the camino starting in mid September. We are investigating various methods of travel from Toronto, CAN to SJPP and from Santiago back to Toronto. There are various flight options but we would be interested in hearing from those who have suggestions on some good options for ground transportation.



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This year you can get an Air Transat directly to Madrid and back.

What I did last year was a flight to Paris CDG, then to Biarritz/Bayonne; a taxi to Bayonne train station and train to St PdeP.
Once in Santiago you get a plane to Madrid and Air Transat to Montreal or Toronto. You can also get a cheap flight from Santiago to Gatwick or Stansted in London.

Many options are available bearing in mind that, to me, bus travel in Northern Spain is easier than train. But nothing beats air travel....
Hi there

My name is Michael Leahy and I live in Toronto as well. I just booked my tickets and the cheapest was Zoom airlines via Paris and then connecting to Biarritz. If interested, I can refer you to an agency that in my experience over the years gets the best rates for the most options.

Best of Luck

air fare

dawn here, i am from western canada. for us flying out of vancouver, zoom only flew to paris end june to ?? so for me that wasn't an option.
my cheapest route was to london, then a one way fare with ryan air to biaritz and one way from santiago back to london. Even with buses and accomodation in london, WAS FAR CHEAPER than for me to fly into madrid or Paris.
you could always ride your bikes from Biaritz, it is beautiful country?
i'm a little bothered by your reference to mountain bikes
the camino for cyclists parallels the camino for walkers, that is to say, when the walkers are on a footpath as rather than a road, the cyclists take the road, not the trail
therefore, cyclists use touring bikes, not mountain bikes
please please please don't bike the trails, please leave the walkers in peace!
Mule droppings


That's hogwash. One can do the camino anyway they desire. Many bikers do the trail with a mountain bike. They are almost always courteous and respectful of the walkers. The walkers are almost always courteous and respectful of the bikers. How do you feel about dodging mule droppings on the trail?

travelling with bikes

Thanks for the travel tips. I am presently following up on the suggestions.

The intent of my original post was to seek information/ideas on the best air and ground transportation to and from the camino with a bike.

However, the subject of where one should ride their bike seems to be a contentious issue. I have a couple of comments on this matter. From what I have read, the original path eventually evolved into roads suitable for modern forms of transportation and in many cases the path was relocated so that the pilgrims can travel separately and safely. As a mountain biker, I too would like to travel safely and in "peace" apart from motorized traffic whenever possible. I am well aware of the need for courteousy and sharing.


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biking the trail

May I suggest reading The Cycling Pilgrim available from the Confraternity of St James.

Also sign up to Santiago Bicileta a yahoo group linked from Ivars site.

I have mountain biked the Camino several times and have always been welcomed and been welcoming to all users!

Don't worry, you will continue to hear debate on who is a true pilgrim and why? Peter Robins wrote a thought provoking article on this issue in a recent edition of the bulletin of the Confraternity of St James.

Best wishes

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