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Total Solar Eclipse August 12, 2026


Eclipsigrina ~ August 12, 2026
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Jacobspad 2017
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A Total Solar Eclipse on August 12, 2026 and here you will be in the middle of it...


Maximum eclipse will be on 12 aug at 17:46:01 hrs.

Make sure to bring protective eclipse eyewear and plan your Camino and that day on the Camino accordingly.
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Peg and I traveled to Wyoming in August 2017 to see one in clear skies. It was fantastic and so we intended to go to Argentina to see the December 2020 one. Covid got there first. We'll try to see the April 2024 one though, possibly from Peg's old hometown.
We drove hundreds of miles and camped out in the national forest in northern Oregon to see the total eclipse in August 2017. It was so amazing. An added benefit was encountering all the people that had also traveled to these small Oregon towns from all over, lots of families, lots of people from outside the country. Really special. We have not yet walked the Primitivo...maybe we should calendar the Primitivo for 2026!
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It would be "cool" - temperature as well as out of this world :) - to see the eclipse while on Camino. And it will offer a few minutes respite from the August heat as well. My ladies backpacking group saw the August 2017 one in eastern Oregon and already have plans to meet for the April 2024 one in Texas.
That would truly be an amazing experience on Camino. Can they reschedule it for September or October lol, I'd rather not do Camino in August. :D

Same here.

I would love to see the solar eclipse on the Meseta.
Unfortunately, I would not want to be on the Meseta in August!
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Are you a true eclipsigrino if you don't carry your own binoculars?
The safe way to use binoculars to view an eclipse:
The safe way to use binoculars to view an eclipse:
It just occurred to me to mention that there are other ways to see a projection of an eclipse. I remember seeing some cast on the ground by spaces between leaves on a tree. One Christmas Peg gifted me with a tree ornament made with many small square mirrors much like a mini-disco-ball. I put it up on the tree and later in the day I was admiring the many reflections cast upon the wall but I was puzzled by their shapes; they were neither square from the mirrors nor round from the sun. I looked at one closer and it was crescent shaped. That's when I remembered that for Christmas we were getting a partial eclipse of the sun.

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