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Train/flight questions


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Hi everyone,

I've searched and can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for, so I will ask away.

We land at 5h40 in Paris CDG, from Canada, so we'll have to do customs etc when we land. That's fine, I'm not too worried about it being that exceptionally busy at that time of day, I hope! We're looking to either fly or take the train out to get to SJPdP eventually. Flights seem kind of high, and honestly, so do the train prices, (in comparison to what I'm hearing others have paid) but so be it. It's the start of July and it's a Saturday, so it's bound to be a busier, therefore, pricier time.

Questions: Would we be able to make it to Montparnasse for the 10h24 train, that would have us arriving in Bayonne at 15h32?

Or the 8h19 train out of CDG? Or would it be better to wait for the next train at 10h16. The first one arrives at 15h32 and the second at 17h32.

Easyjet has cheap prices for June (100 Euros cheaper) so will the rates for July drop? I'm thinking not that much! If you thought they were likely to drop, it is something to consider, flying would be easier than the train, I would think. Air France flies out of CDG, and Easyjet and Hop fly out of Orly.

We have booked Orisson for July 3rd, and we land in Paris on July 2nd, so we'd really like to get to StJPdP on the 2nd. I'm thinking either train from CDG will do, only we need to figure out if we think we would make the first one or not. So many decisions to make!

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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The decision is yours, of course. Perhaps booking now the 10:16 train from CDG would be the surest bet. That way the price would be lower than buying the ticket on the day of departure. Leaving from CDG you would not need to worry about road traffic to Montparnasse or Orly. Here is a handy map showing the CDG terminals and train links.

Bon voyage and Buen camino!

Dick Pickering

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Air France flies from Canada and gets in to Paris, CDG at 5:40 AM. There is an Air France flight from CDG to Barritz, arriving in Barritz at 10:15 AM. From Montreal to Barritz then returning to Montreal from Madrid costs $876 return


It takes about an hour to get from CDG to Montparnasse.

Take RER B train from CDG terminal 2 to St Micheal Station. Take Metro line 4 from St Micheal Metro station (a short walk from RER station) to Montparnasse Bienvenue. Its a longer walk from the Metro station to the TGV platforms at Montparnasse.

Alternatively take the Air France bus from CDG to Montparnasse ... it advertises at 1:15 travel time.

CDG is a large airport. You need to figure in time to get from your arrival terminal to the RER station, the TGV station, or the departure terminal for your flight ... it takes as much as an hour depending on which terminals are involved. CDG VAL is your friend.

You should easily have enough time to catch 10h24 train from Montparnasse.

You should also be able to catch the 08h19 train from CDG 2 without problems ... but now your time starts to get constrained should your flight arrive 'fashionably late'.

Here is airport website:

Here is RATP website showing Paris transit

Here is Air France Shuttle website

Here is CDG TGV station website

Here is gare Montparnasse website


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Thanks everyone, we bit the bullet today and booked the later train out of CDG. We'd heard about too many people who had missed their trains, so we figured we'd wait it out. It will give us plenty of time to go through all the arrival jobs, plus find where the train station in the airport as well as find a bite to eat or two. :) If I'd really thought before booking our flights, I would have booked us through to Biarritz on Air France. I remember checking it out once or twice but it jumped the flight quite a bit, and it was with Air Canada, since I wasn't able to book out of Charlottetown with Air France. Thankfully, the lady who booked for us was able to do that, but I'd forgotten to check through to BIQ. Oh well, we're still getting there! Thanks again.

Look out for the babbling lady with the bright orange backpack come July!
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