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Train to SJPDP

Hike 30 miles on California’s Santa Catalina Island as part of the Catalina Camino
Hi fellow Oregonian. I usually book my tickets via If you punch in Paris departure to SJPdP on the website or app, it will put you on the route to Bayonne, then Bayonne to SJPdP.
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Hi Denise From Paris you can take a train to Bayonne - and then another to SJPP. You will see many pilgrims at Bayonne station, taking the same train.

You can use the SNCF website. I use Trainline to book trains in Europe because i find it easy to use.

Edit: posted at the same time as @truenorthpilgrim (smiley face)
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@DeNisewoodbury it is worth looking at the available tickets in the morning, as well as the afternoon. I use Trainline, because it is easy and it shows all available combinations of times and prices. You can try booking direct with SNCF - their website used to be a nightmare (like Renfe in Spain) but seems to have improved, and I assume they have made paying easier then it used to be.

If the tickets are expensive you could consider flying to Biarritz.
Is it best to book tickets far in advance or is same day possible?
Advance! Keep things simple and get a Paris to SJPDP ticket. The Paris to Bordeaux section is crazy fast, you're in for a treat (if you've never had a go on these ultra-fast trains). I'm not sure what the current status is, but the very last bit of the journey may be a replacement bus service. Not to worry though, it's all super slick.
We recently booked our train travel from Paris to SJPP using the Trainline website. Suggest you download the APP too as you then have access to your tickets on your phone but we always travel with paper copies as well. We are travelling to SJPP on 24 April and booked tickets a month ago and seating was limited. Best of luck, safe travels and maybe our paths will cross in SJPP or on the Camino.
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Thank you. This planning stage can be overwhelming 😊
One thing I find useful is to start a Google doc (or sheet) and c/p all my ticket info into it. It becomes my itinerary and I can note what is booked (like my flight to Lyon and train to Le Puy) with times and transfers, and what is not booked (like the commuter train from St. Exupery to Lyon). And I put in useful addresses that will help me when I arrive. I share the sheet with my partner so he can know the overall plan.

It helps with the overwhelm, is available anywhere in the world (because Google is in the cloud) and anyone I choose can know my plan.

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Google couldn't translate this to English. Does the train stop in Segovia?

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