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Transportation availability

Discussion in 'The Camino Primitivo' started by frank conn, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. frank conn

    frank conn New Member

    Sep 12, 2017
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    camino primitivo 2017
    I will be starting the Camino on Sept. 21st and have about a week. This will leave me about 3 stages short of Lugo. Will I be able to catch a bus from Grandas de Salime to Lugo? Also will I need to bring a sleeping bag or will a blanket suffice?
    Thanks to all
  2. Devon Mike

    Devon Mike Active Member

    Jan 4, 2015
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    Camino Frances/Finisterre/Muxia May/June 2014

    Camino Frances/Finisterre/Muxia/Santiago May/June 2015

    Camino Frances/Muxia/Finisterre/Santiago May/June 2016

    (Camino Primitivo, Caminho Portugues including Coastal Route/Fatima/Variante Espiritual, Camino Ingles September/October 2017)
    Not sure about bus services from Grandas de Salime, but if you make it to Fonsagrada there is a service to Lugo which you can check online by a local autobus company Her-Vei.
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  3. TerryB

    TerryB Veteran Member Donating Member

    Feb 12, 2008
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    Norte/Primitivo (April/May) 2009: Norte/Primitivo (parts) (April/May) 2010: Inglés (May) 2011: Primitivo (April/May) 2012: Norte / Camino de La Reina (April/May) 2013: Camino del Mar / Inglés (May/June) 2015
    As far as I am aware there is still no public transport between Grandas de Salime and Fonsagrada. As Mike says the service between Fonsagrada and Lugo is by Her-Vei.
    There is always the possibility of a taxi which we have used on a cold wet day after walking most of the distance from Castro to Fonsagrada where we had stayed the night to shorten the day's walk from Grandas.

    Blessings on your planning :)
    Tio Tel
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  4. Tia Valeria

    Tia Valeria Veteran Member Donating Member

    Jun 16, 2009
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    Pt Norte/Pmtvo 2010
    C. Inglés 2011
    C. Primitivo '12
    Norte-C. de la Reina '13
    C. do Mar-C. Inglés '15
    It could be quite chilly at night so a sleeping bag would be a good idea, in case the albergue does not have sufficient blankets.
    (Edit) For transport, maybe you could skip some of the earlier stages by catching the ALSA bus from Oviedo to Grado, or similar and then you could at least walk to A Fonsagrada or even Lugo itself.
    ALSA runs one bus most days between Oviedo and Grandas de Salime, but you will need to check where it touches the Camino (eg Grado, Salas, Pola de Allande) and where it misses (eg Campiello)
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017

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