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Travel from USA passport question


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So I have never been a world traveler, Canada and the Virgin Island is about it. I just got my new passport in the mail the other day and booked some flights to and from spain for Sept. and Oct. I am wondering if my passport and a drivers license is all the documentation I will need? Probably a stupid question but from my search on passports all them delt with the pilgrim passport.


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Your passport is all you need for travel to Europe. For admittance to some albergues, you also need a credential. Your driver's license is not required except to drive.


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Hi NCfishboy,

You won't need your driver's license, just your passport. I am planning my Camino for Sept. 16 through Oct. 31. What flights have you booked? I haven't purchased my tickets, still waiting and watching prices. I'm flying from CA. It looks like the best price for me is into London and home from Madrid. A connecting flight from London to Biarittz is pretty cheap on Ryanair.


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Unless you are planning to rent a car you will not need your driver's license. However, if you do think you might rent a car after say your walk then consider bringing your driver's license and getting an international driver's license too.

One more important thing to get and take is additional medical coverage and you should carry something with you to provides contact information, etc. You may have this medical coverage through your employment, travel association, or by some other means, but check in any case.

Finally carry photos copies of your important document (passport, credit card, insurance, etc) in your money belt


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As others have said, all you need for travel is your passport.

However... some shops in Europe will want to see photo ID if you're paying by credit card. It can be helpful to take your driving licence as it can be a more pocket-sized ID to carry with you, should you need it.

It's worth keeping a copy of you passport (or at least a note of your passport number, issue date and location) with you to smooth the way should your passport vanish.


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Just take your passport. As a foreigner your drivers licence will not always be accepted as ID. In addition, it's actually a legal requirement to keep your passport on you at all times. EU citizens, with the exception of the UK, have ID cards which they can be asked to show at any time. The rest of us must have our passports.

Besides carrying copies of your passport, scan it in to your computer, then attach it to an email and email it to yourself. That way, even if you lose all documents, you can get a copy...especially useful until you get to an embassy or consulate for a replacement.


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So, as an English 'person', having retired to France, do I need to take my UK passport (hotels? etc.) when I start my Camino from home in France?......5 weeks to go....

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@Lazaret. You need to have a valid identity document with you. If you do not have a DNI (the Spanish one) or its French equivalent, then a parallel UK document or your passport will do.


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Take your French Carte de Sejour and your UK Passport with you. Your French Vitale card for health insurance is also important.

Buen Camino,
Margaret Meredith


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Camino Frances "2013" had to stop half way due to tendonitis ... Continuing May 2014..postponed to 2015. SdC to Muxia 2016.
Thank you Margaret. Have a carte de sejour, but it is now out of date as they are not issued anymore to us ex-pats. Just wanted to avoid taking UK passport (huge weight!) and thought perhaps a photocopy would do. Carte Vitale (and the EHIC card too?) ready packed (not heavy!)

34 days to go........ Karin


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Usually an EU drivers license is considered ID by the police. All the news ones these days are EU format .

If you scan the stuff save copies to your phone. For the copy emailed to yourself make sure you can access the account easily. Some thing like Gmail/yahoo that keeps the emails on the servers is better then some thing that deletes them after you download the new ones.

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