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Travel to Silos monastery

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I have a free day Sunday in Burgos and would love to make a side trip to Silos. Having a hard time finding transportation options. Hotel says there's a bus at 5:30 but not a return bus.
Also would there be a service where I could hear the chanting live?
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Did this in Fall 2017, so information is dated.

Buying a ticket ahead was not possible ahead of time. We had to show up at the bus station and were able to buy just within the last 15 minutes of departure. It was a very small bus, quite indicative of the minimal traffic.

The station is here...or maybe a door over: C. Miranda, 4, 09002 Burgos, Spain

At the time, there was no return trip possible within a day. IIRC, we stayed two nights.

That said, the services that we were able to attend (not all were open) were sublime.

EDITED for UPDATED INFO (perhaps more helpful...). Please see this link:

The majority of the distance is covered twice daily by a bus to Hortiguela, the remainder by taxi. So an overnighter looks possible at some expense.

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The bus station in Burgos is right outside from the Cathedral. Walk through the wall gate, cross the bridge, and the bus station is some 100 meters afterwards, to your left. Take it from there.


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Several years ago after I finished the CF early in December my husband drove down to SdC to join me and eventually we visited
Santo Domingo de Silos Monastery

In Santo Domingo de los Silos the tourist bureau has a list of many small hotels and hostals. They also provide a good free map of additional walking paths in the area. If you are into 'ad hoc' camping, ie unorganized camping, follow the path towards the nearby Ermita de la Virgen de la Camino and you will see many inviting nooks for laying down your sleeping bag.
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As others have said about the bus. One good option is to spend the night there, and take the morning bis back for a full rest day in Burgos. That way you can take in the place more fully. Ther is a service in the morning as well. If you arrive in Burgos earier and want to get a move on, you can also find a taxi who will be able to take ye. It's about a 45 minute drive.

Casa Guzman is a nice place to stay, right in the center of the village.
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Check that they are open before you plan anything! Many of the communal religious groups have closed to visitors due to Covid, so definitely get an affirmation that services are still occurring. In Spain/Portugal currently and have found Hebron, Loiola, and many other monasteries NOT allowing visitors for services.

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I tried to do this in 2019. My recall is, that there was a good chance that the bus from Burgos would not get there in time for their vespers. And of course the need to spend the night there. I decided that it was not doable in my time frame.

But I would love to do that another time!

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I highly recommend a visit to the monastery as I was fortunate to be a guest of the monks at Santa Domingo de Silos for three days back in 2000 when I had to stop walking because of tendentious. I showed up unannounced and they gave me a cell at their campground and I was able to hobble over to services several times a day. the Services are done in Gregorian chant and these are the monks who pioneered recording Gregorian Chant back in 1994 And became internationally famous. The monastery itself is beautiful with a small museum and a magnificent cloister.

There appear to be a couple of bus options, the first has been mentioned which is to travel from Burgos to Hortiguela, and take a taxi from there to Santa Domingo. The bus company for this is Therpasa and the seem to have daily service except for Saturday. You can research schedules here:
There appears to be a once a day bus that goes directly from Burgos to Santa Domingo operated by Arceredillo. It appears to leave Burgos at 17:30 and returns at 8:10. I remember taking a direct bus that left about that time I was able to attend vespers, but don’t know it that is still possible. To find the route information, look at the Burgos to Caleruega schedule.
The monastery appears open to visitors and posts information on the times of services at

For those men who have 3 days to spare it is possible to stay as a guest of the monastery for up to 8 days.


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I took the bus from the station close to the Cathedral in Burgos to Santo Domingo de Silos. I had not made reservations ahead of time for accommodations but had no difficulty finding a place to stay very close to the Abbey. If you can make the time, I highly encourage you to visit. I made it in time for Vespers, then had dinner, then back to the Abbey for Compline. After Mass the next morning, I visited the areas of the Abbey open to visitors. Hiked around the town, then went to services again in the evening. Took the bus back to Burgos early the next morning. I hope you're able to get there! Here's the link for the times of services:


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I have a free day Sunday in Burgos and would love to make a side trip to Silos. Having a hard time finding transportation options. Hotel says there's a bus at 5:30 but not a return bus.
Also would there be a service where I could hear the chanting live?
Maybe you could rent a car for the day?
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I tried to do this in 2019. My recall is, that there was a good chance that the bus from Burgos would not get there in time for their vespers.
I supose that is possible, because the bus is scheduled to leave Burgos at 5:30. I walked into Santo Domingo on the Lana, and a forum member met me there, coming by bus from Burgos. She arrived with enough time to drop off her pack at our hostal and then get over to vespers.

Since there is no way on public transportation back to Burgos until the next morning, you would also likely be able to go to a morning service. This schedule of masses and chants seems up to date:

More info with some other suggestions on this older thread



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My experience in 2018 was that I arrived in time to make Vespers, but morning prayer before the bus back to Burgos would have been tight. I think the main issue now would be if any services are open to the public, due to the elderly monks and Covid.

Taking the 5:30 bus out of Burgos, I still arrived in Santo Domingo de Silos with enough time to check into my (pre-reserved) room. If you stay in the village, the monastery is either just down the street or just across the square, only a few minutes walk in either case.

If you are too late, and if your accomodation is open late enough to get back in, you can also go to Compline later that night.

I spent two nights, attending the prayers throughout the day the following day. Worth it. The next morning I was concerned about missing the bus back to Burgos if I went to morning prayer before departure, but it turned out I probably could have. Probably. But it would have been close. The only alternative is taxi or another night.

Hope that helps. If I had the opportunity to go back I'd jump at the chance. I hope it works out for you.

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