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Greetings all. I am very exited to be doing the trail May 7-June23/06. I would like to hear from other west coast canadians/americans. I have not booked my airfare and I was wondering if it is best to fly into Madrid or to Paris.I will be flying out of Vancouver. I am starting the hike in St.Jean pied de port.
I checked the french train website and it seems like a return train trip to Biarritz is $200cdn. seems alot.
thanks for anyones input.
ps. it is a hoot having a scale out WEIGHING everything, my nice coat weighs 2 pounds, guess it has to go!!!!!! Bring on the shopping.
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if cost is your main concern, you may be better off flying via the UK. or can get you across the Atlantic (and Canada!) cheaply. zoom also fly Vancouver-Paris but as you have noticed train in France is not cheap, and via London you can fly Ryanair to Biarritz. You will probably have to change airports in London though; allow 2 hours. Check connection times before booking, as hotels in England are much more expensive than in France (or Spain).
As I started last year from Montreal I recommend that you take a flight to Paris and then to Biarritz/Bayonne airport. It might cost you a bit more but it is hassle free. If you would decide otherwise be prepared to spend time going from one airport to another or from an airport to a train station.

You might try or to get a flight with one company, including return trip. It will be cheaper if you get all flights with either Air France or Air Canada

From Biarritz/Bayonne airport you can take a bus or a taxi to get to the Bayonne train station (SNCF) to catch the 6 pm train to St JPdeP.

Book ahead in St JpdeP (trough internet) as there are a lot of people starting/passing through the town. Jet lag might prevent you from doing the road to Roncesvalles in one leg as it did to me (must admit I am not young anymore); I stopped in the very nice refuge in Orisson (half way to Roncevalles)

We might meet as I will continue my Camino, started last year, from Burgos.

If you need more info do not hesitate.
first 2 Peter, thanks for your good info and the website canadian affair.
It would still cost me $180 cdn. london - Biarritz. Cost $1054 excluding transfers to another airport. on the return i would need to sleep in the london airport if that is allowed. Zoom is also another good choice. The charter flights out of canada aren't great, there is one on the 5th, i need to leave on the 6th. I agree with you in flying to biaritz.
To ULysse the airfare with air france from montreal is $2272. Not likely.
I did find out thou that the flight from Paris to Biaritz is only $270 rtn, cdn. and considering if train is $200, that is certainly an option.

The best deal so far, however leaves on friday may 5th with airtransat to amsterdam is $634.85, then iberia amsterdam-Madrid for $209, still need to get to St.JdeP. guess abit back tracking.
Aircanada is $1256 to Paris, might be the route to take. thanks for all your info and new websites.
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Travel from Canada

Just like to let you know that I am leaving Aug.27 from Vancouver with Zoom Air to London then to Madrid and I will take the Bus to Pamplona,From there you can go on with another Bus.I will start from there but I did from St.P. in May 03.This is by way the cheapist.Harriet
Hi DOAND, I'm also from Vancouver, and I'm leaving about June 8th. To get to Pamplona, it's cheapest from Barcellona, but I'm not sure how much it is to St.Jean pied de port.

Good luck

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