Travelling to O Cebreiro from Santiago de Compostela

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Hi fellow pilgrims! We are planning to start our walk from O Cebreiro, flying in to Santiago de Compostela on 04/08/2018. We are currently trying to work out how to get from the airport to either Pedrafita do Cebreiro or O Cebreiro. We are aware that buses follow this route, but we are unable to find any buses, other than those that go too early in the morning (08:00 and 09:00) or too late in the evening to arrive in time (21:30). In previous forum posts we've seen that buses used to travel at 15:00 and 17:00 too, however these were posts from around 2010. Does anyone have any more suggestions about how we might be able to get to O Cebreiro? Any suggestions very much appreciated! We are considering taking a taxi if necessary as we really want to start at O Cebreiro so if anyone has advice about cheap taxi services, that would also be very helpful. Thank you!!



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Galloglaigh got it right, O Cebreiro is not exactly an intersection of nation-wide travel options. Not saying there is not a bus service there or nearby but it will be few and far between. Ask at the Tourist info in Santiago or next to Pilgrims Info center where you present your credential concerning the taxi and be prepared to ...ah...negotiate with the driver.

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