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Trip insurance

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We cruise a lot and always purchase trip insurance. As my husband is retired military and we have tri-care I’m thinking we should purchase insurance for our walk. Walking from St.Jean in September. Any thoughts?


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You should certainly get travel/health insurance for the trip. The Camino is an easy walk, but you never know what kind of things can happen in such a long trip, so I'd highly advise for buying insurance.

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Absolutely. I did not even get sick last trip, but had to use my insurance to change a flight because of a medical catastrophe at home when I was one day from Santiago.
My flight was changed, my travel to Portugal cancelled, re-routed to new expenses on train backward through Spain to Hendaye, an unanticipated hotel expense. In all the insurance that had cost me $15 or so saved me about $1500 in costs associated with all those changed plans.
Also, the agent on my plan helped to organize the changes.
I am lucky because my insurance deal comes through work, so it's really great as we do fieldwork around the globe all the time.
But I suggest you find the best thing you can. Trip insurance as well as personal health.
Buen camino.


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Absolutely get the insurance as you never know if you will need it. In all my travels I never have but I consider it money well spent because if something does happen it could cost a lot more than what the insurance cost. Make sure to read what your insurance covers


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I always get it though I have never (knock on wood) had to use it. Buy it as soon as you can after booking your flight as it will go up as time goes on.
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Good Morning

First thank you for your service. I too am retired Military and have MediCare and TriCare coverage. It is true that TriCare will cover your medical expenses outside the US, whereas MediCare will not (btw not suggesting you are over 65:) ). Consider two things; one, transportation is often the bigger headache in a medical emergency, and while TriCare will cover it, it may be difficult and require cash payment up front. With private insurance there would be little conversation about transportation. And two, look at USAA travel insurance, it is based on the cost of the trip. Usually the only cost is Air Fare so insurance can be as little as $80. Well worth the cost.

We were with a young lady two years ago on the CF and she contracted the "pilgrim flu" and became quite dehydrated and spent a night in the hospital. The care was quick and very good. No delays, no questions. Don't worry.

Buen Camino
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Insurance is something that we hope we never need, but can be invaluable when needed. I have traveled a bit in Asia, always use Allianz trip insurance (which I purchase through AAA in the States), and did the same for my trip to France/Spain.

On my first Camino Frances, I became very ill on the meseta (see post in the topic "Tipping Point" at: Tipping Point - Ill on the Meseta). I called the travel insurance company in Fromista where they helped me locate a doctor, and then again in Carrion de las Condes, and when I was being transported to the hospital in Palencia, I called the travel insurance company told them the name of the hospital to which I was being taken, and they told me, "we will call them and give them a guarantee of payment. You only need to think about getting well." And after tests and a night in the hospital, the payment was taken care of - all I did was focus on getting well and making my way back to the Camino and on to Santiago de Compostela.

Travel/trip insurance is a good idea. Most of the time everything is fine, but it is comforting to know that help is available if needed.

Buen Camino,
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Camino Francis, Fall 2016
We cruise a lot and always purchase trip insurance. As my husband is retired military and we have tri-care I’m thinking we should purchase insurance for our walk. Walking from St.Jean in September. Any thoughts?
I concur with the previous pilgrim. I purchased trip insurance for my trip at a relatively nominal cost "just in case." The emphasis should be on the medical portion of your coverage in excluding emergency evacuation, if necessary. If nothing else, if offers peace of mind
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Get insured. For us Europeans, we are covered by mutual agreements between countris (In the EU and associated countries). but still there is the questions of transportation, theft, etc. to be dealt with.

Peace of mind, and buen Camino.
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Trip insurance for the Camino is pretty cheap vs insuring for a cruise, because, other than your flights, you have very little in the way of prepaid expenses.


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I am also retired military with tricare and I also have VA I still dont take any chances so I use this site
https://www.squaremouth.com/ To look at travel insurance. Well worth the peace of mind. Depending on the policy you choose some companies. Have concierge service and some will pay the doctor/hospital directly. Depending on what your needs are I would shop and compare before buying. I usually read the exclusions first before I even read what the policy actually covers
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Trip insurance is well worth the cost...just for the peace of mind. Just be sure to check the "conditions". Most have very accessible concierge services too, which is great on the road.


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Trip insurance for the Camino is pretty cheap vs insuring for a cruise, because, other than your flights, you have very little in the way of prepaid expenses.
Prepaid expenses are a minor consideration. - it’s medical that costs and repatriation. We typically pay around $700 us for my partner to get insurance to cover pre existing health. I am yet to find any coverage for this trip - probably because it’s so long.


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Make sure you insurance covers you for your full length of time away. Some policies limit you to 30 days on any one trip. Buen Camino!

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