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They say:

Hello! I’m Monica, and since we have time here I write you a letter …

We had the will and lot of iniciative …
We believed that we could change the world starting with ours and putting our hearts into it. We left our banking and tourist consulting jobs to open a store in our hometown facing the Camino de Santiago. At first it was only a cafe selling technical equipment, but soon we decided to set up a hostel. We offered coffee, healthy food, care for the pilgrim, bed, and what we defended in our hashtag , #energiaparaelcamino

A hostel made with our own hands …
There was no availability for further investment to adapt the historic building after the cafe refurbishment. So to meet the needs of the hostel, we gradually fixed and cared for it as if it was ours. We made punctual alterations and interventions in bathrooms, lounges … and since we had time, we took care of painting, recovering walls, tiling, decorating and thrilling with every corner.

You can’t imagine the funnny things that can happen between my sister and me when we painting a bathroom or installing a lamp. Today there are rooms that are still poorly painted but we did it all by ourselves and behind each brush there is a story.

We welcomed pilgrims …
I´m the sister of colors and Silvana is sister of numbers. We are two totally opposite sisters but with a similar way of living the Camino de Santiago since we did it for the first time when we were 13 and 14 years old. Two perfect combinations to undertake and for life. Our project has welcomed thousands of pilgrims, it has given us lots of joys, but it has also required sacrifices (sacrifices that we don’t mention in order not to distort, we all make sacrifices) and as Einstein said “in the face of crisis, tragedy isn’t wanting to fight” .

We started being only 3 people and we have managed to be come a team of 6 permanent staff, for us having a professional and happy team was one of our greatest wishes, so despite the fact that the winter is quiet we make great efforts to keep us all together and thus ensure a quality job. “What we want for ourselves we also want it for the others.”

All we want is to reopen …
We had a routine, a way of working, a score of 9.3 with almost 1000 reviews on booking, a building tuned up with our hands, our list of pending things more and more adjusted until this year arrived.

January we started with concern for COVID-19, we then activated protocol since then we still remember when an American pilgrim who was sick stayed with us and we decided to isolate him from the rest so that he could rest better and avoid any problems. It had only been a catarrhal process, but that prepared us.

We were aware, but we never imagined evaluating the possibility of closure.

We have decided to make decisions based on responsibility, we love what we have achieved but nothing is more important than health. After making this clear, we understand that the future problem of getting through has also to be taken responsibly. We all have the same uncertainty, we all have problems, we are all in the same place. The only way aout of this is together.

Nothing is lost, everything transforms …
It´s a verse that we find scribbled on a wall during our last camino. It is from a song by Jorge Drexler It sounds in Ideas Peregrinas from the beginning because beyond serving coffee or offering a home to the pilgrim we give the energy that we receive at the same time.

Herein lies the inspiration for what we ask of you today. We flooded with cancellations from a whole year working, in order to continue we can only think of asking for your help. We offer you a place in our hostel for when you can do the camino or if you want to give it to a friend in exchange for a donation or just for helping us .

In this way, you would help us bring our team back, be able to attend pilgrims, serve coffee in the place we like the most, inspire our neighbors, contribute to the recovery of our neighborhood, walk again! And you will be able come to our hostel for when all this is over!

You can donate here:
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