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Tui or Sarria to Santiago?


New Member
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Walking Camino this August
Hi. Me and my friend (both 25y) are walking last 120km of Camino this August but we not sure which way we should go. Tui to Santiago or from Sarria. Any suggestion? We would like to know any pros and cons and what would you recommend. Thank you :)


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Hi. Me and my friend (both 25y) are walking last 120km of Camino this August but we not sure which way we should go. Tui to Santiago or from Sarria. Any suggestion? We would like to know any pros and cons and what would you recommend. Thank you :)
Sarria, much nicer.
Tui, less pilgrims.


Keeping it simple
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Portugues (2017)
Lebaniego (2019)
Agree with the above.
Sarria- pros: prettier, less asphalt
Cons: super crowded, will probably demand bookings in advance.

Tui - pros: better food, interesting starting city, few pilgrims
Cons: more road walking, not so pretty (but still nice).

I walked both and enjoyed both. Good thing is that whatever you choose, you will be making a good choice :) both well marked, both full of camino references. What about comparing flight ticket prices and times?


Active Member
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CF 2019
In progress: CP 2020 and/or CI
If you don't mind crowds, walk from Sarria. It's a nice walk to SdC.

If you do mind crowds, start at Tui.


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Ourense to Santiago (2019), CF: (2014, 2004, 2002, 2001). On to Fisterra, (2002, 4, 14).
Sarria, places you smack dab in the middle of: pilgrimage bragging rights, conversation, and all those lovely folk out there walking too.

Buen camino.
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Hi. Me and my friend (both 25y) are walking last 120km of Camino this August but we not sure which way we should go. Tui to Santiago or from Sarria. Any suggestion? We would like to know any pros and cons and what would you recommend. Thank you :)
Consider Ourense to Santiago. You will be pleased.

Elle Bieling

Elle Bieling, PilgrimageTraveler
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A total of eight in the past 6 years!
Oh my gosh, I thought from Tui was much nicer! I guess I just love the castle of Valenca (just across the river from Tui) and the Tui cathedral on the hill! The pilgrims church in Pontevedra is also so lovely as well as it's medieval town center! If you do the Portuguese Way, start in Valenca, or at least visit it. Look at my website to see the photos to help you decide, starting on Day Nineteen. Yes there might be more pavement, but that is less important to me than the sights I see. Good luck with your planning. Buen Camino!


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I agree with Elie I thought that Tui was a very pretty walk, and a really nice city. I would dread walking from Sarria in August. Personally all those people would drive me nuts as I walked, but I love to walk in solitude and quiet most of the day. Who needs hunting for beds. The last CF I walked was in 2014 and it was the end of October and there were way too many people for me than. Now I can't even imagine. But that is my preference and not everyone else's for sure.
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I did both in June. Sarria is more forest and more people but they don’t bother me. I had done that stretch before so I knew what to expect. I enjoyed Tui to Santiago as it was very different and fewer people but enough that you were not alone. Was so glad I read about the history of St James in the area and visited Padrón. Which ever you pick you will enjoy.


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Consider Ourense to Santiago. You will be pleased.
Having walked from Sarria, Tui and Ourense, I would second the opinion to start in Ourense. Far fewer pilgrims, a nice terrain and time to listen to your inner selves. I stayed at Ourense, Cea, Castro-O Dozon, A Laxe (all albergues), a private inexpensive hotel at Bandeira (restaurant on premises), and a very nice splurge B&B in Lestedo (13 km from Santiago)— also serves a wonderful dinner. Many would push on and walk straight into Santiago, but it was a Saturday night and a beautiful church was close and just off the trail for which to attend a Mass service the next morning. Wonderful walk!

David Tallan

Veteran Member
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Frances (1989 and 2016), Portugues - from Porto (2018)
If it were me, probably Valenca (just across the river from Tui, in Portugal). Others have mentioned it being more crowded from Sarria, but it isn't just that. It is who will be with you. The larger groups that also start from Sarria and the pilgrims who have walked much further and already formed their "pilgrim families" may make it a little harder to connect with others (although certainly not impossible). As well, unfortunately some of the long distance walkers will be seeing you as "Johnny Come Lately" to the pilgrimage. You will likely find the percentage of pilgrims who judge you by how far you have walked lower if you start from Tui/Valenca.

In addition, it is a lovely route through wine country and takes you past some locations with the closest historic or legendary ties to Saint James (whom you are walking to see, after all). And if you start in Valenca, you get to see a bit of Portugal, as well.

From the fact that you've posed the question, I'm assuming this is your first Camino. It isn't a certainty, but most people walk the Frances or the Portugues first. In that case, if the experience whets your appetite for more, you could consider returning to walk the Frances in the future.


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Camino Frances 2012 - 2016
Voie de Paris / Tours Aulnay to Saintes 2017
Camino del Baztan 2018
I'd choose Tui .
Gloria Lowe quite rightly mentioned Padron . Stay at Cruze De Iria Albergue in Padron and owner Hector will tell you the history at his 4pm lecture.


New Member
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Walking from Sarria to Santiago beginning September 16, 2019
I'm very new here...and in mid September, along with a friend, will set off on my first ever Camino. Sarria to Santiago. Very excited...a little nervous when reading about the judgments some make...which I guess is understandable when they have walked the whole way. Unfortunately time restraints were behind us making this choice, and hoping that next time around can be a longer trip. Wondering what weather we might expect mid to end September, and someone else told me it was hilly...photos look beautiful...I'm sure we will be amazed. We are both celebrating "big" birthdays :) Unfortunately mine is "bigger" than my friends ;) Any advice will be truly appreciated.

Mike Savage

So many friends to meet . . . so little time
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I don't think you can go wrong either way. They each have a lot to offer and each is a different experience. I have walked all three and liked the solitude and natural beauty walking from Ourense the best but I definitely enjoyed each route.

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