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Time of past OR future Camino
2015: Irun - Santander / SdC - Finisterre, Muxia
Just found some of you guys on twitter, maybe we can share each other's names here? Mine is a bit different to my forum name so it may be possible, you don't know who this german and english writing crazy woman is. ;)

So, my twitter name is geradinemcc

Thanks for listening ladies and gentlemen and may you all have a great start into the week. :D
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Time of past OR future Camino
2015: Irun - Santander / SdC - Finisterre, Muxia
I blocked loads of these games so I am not afraid of being fb-friends with you. ;)


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I'm pretty much always on twitter. Just as a warning, I'm a bit of a geek in so very many ways, but if you don't mind that then I'd love to follow/chat any of you on twitter. :wink:



Time of past OR future Camino
First one Frances 1999 (from Burgos), since then...over 100 in Galicia, Portugal, Basque....
etoilepolaire said:
I'm a bit of a geek in so very many ways

aren't we all! :wink:

tweetable @fresco_tours

tweet tweet or pio pio (that's what the spanish birds do!)

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Like my time here and on Facebook i havent used twitter for long lol. However my name on all is PilgrimChris so that would make me @PilgrimChris on twitter i guess lol
Time of past OR future Camino
Camino Frances SJPDP--->SDC (Dates TBD)
Hey all,
I'm still trying to get used to tweeting 8) , but am getting the hang of it. Anyhow, you can follow me on @1Timothy315.I won't be tweeting when I make my Camino (detracts from pilgrim experience, IMHO). I also have a blog through Google, and that's on and would LOVE to have more readers.

Buen Camino, De Colores y ULTREYA!!


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Time of past OR future Camino
Walked (2005) (2007) (2008) (2009) (2010) (2011) (2012) (2013) (2014) (2015); Guide 2013-2016
Hi all,
I would love to connect on Twitter:



Time of past OR future Camino
Camino Frances (March 2013); Via Jacobi (June/July 2015)
Hi all,

hope to tweet pictures from my upcoming March 2013 camino!

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Time of past OR future Camino
Camino frances Sept/oct 2012 , Salvador, Primitivo 2013
Cotswold Way July 2014
European Peace Walk August 2014 (John)
@codecables , look forward to seeing them !
@yoghurtweaver ( don't ask ! )

Buen camino :D


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Time of past OR future Camino
March 2014 - con mi padre
I'm @tobefluent on twitter - I'm a language geek, so most of my tweets are about learning languages, but I also follow a lot of Camino-related tweeters.
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Time of past OR future Camino
Camino Francés (2011), Camino Portugués (2013), Camino St. Jaume (2013)
This is a great idea. I have started following all of you. My twitter name is @JaneVBlanchard
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Time of past OR future Camino
Too many to mention...
I am on twitter also. I am back on the Camino at the end of May.
You can follow me closer to the time @spain_dave

I am also on instagram and hope to post some pictures while on the Camino username is davidclearskies

I hope you are all having a great weekend!


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Time of past OR future Camino
It's not me but the band... @OuiThree (we're on FB too... and always happy to get new likes!)
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Aussie Pilgrims
Time of past OR future Camino
2009 SJPdP, 2010 Sarria, 2012 SJPdP, 2015 SJPdP
Tend to read rather than post on twitter but look forward to seeing camino posts.


Big chairs are fun!
Time of past OR future Camino
September (2016)
I've just found the Periscope app which is associated with Twitter. You can broadcast your video live and anyone from around the world with the app can watch it real time. It would be fun to see the live videos from people walking the camino or interacting with others in the albergues. I've mainly been watching people broadcasting from the various Disney Parks.

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