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Two places to be careful between Chinchilla and Las Pedroñer


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I´m on about Day 10 or 11 of the Levante and it is a great one for building endurance. So far long distances but no elevation gain, so we are getting in good shape for the hills that are coming soon.

I´ll post a detailed summary when I get home, but I just wanted to send some alerts to anyone who is walking soon. There are two places where it is very easy to get lost:

A few kms after leaving Chinchilla, you will come to a Y-turn where there are two big loose stones. On the left, the stone has a big yellow X, on the right the stone has an arrow. We took the right, of course, and realized only a few hours later that we were not on the Camino. Someone must have purposefully changed them. This is the first time something like that has happened, and I have tried to call the police in Chinchilla to alert them, but so far no luck. Anyway, if you come to that Y-turn and see two loose big stones, make sure to take the left side no matter what the stone indicates. If you have the Spanish Association guide you can see perfectly what you should do. I have the guide, but didn´t look at it since the arrows were so clear. Dumb me.

The other is a turn about 6 kms from San Clemente (oh, lovely San Clemente!). You will see an abandoned couple of houses to the left up on a small hill. They are all painted white. Take the left, even if you don´t see an arrow. You will see an arrow on one of the houses once you get up the hill, and if you don´t take it, I´m not sure where you will end up. But Kevin of this forum had alerted me to this problem, and without his notes, I would not have seen the turn.

The Camino de Levante is lovely. Lots of weaving under and over RR tracks and highways, but it´s a minimal disruption. Most of the time you are out in clear glorious terrain with nothing but you and your pack. The people are helpful and eager to talk. The guide is quite good.

I have a blog at, if you are considering this camino. Buen camino, Laurie
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