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UK Bargains - towels


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If you live in the UK, M&S are currently doing a travel towel for 5 quid. It's very slightly heavier than the usual lightweight offerings but much cheaper and dries much better. It's slightly too small for my overweight and aged modesty but would suit a (not too fat) guy or even a slim lady I guess.

Also Wilkinson's are doing one of similar material for only ONE pound. It's very small but would come in handy for wringing washing if you want something for that.

People have been talking about sarongs as towels but I haven't really seen any anywhere . . . cotton? cheap?
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No, no. no - M&S = Marks & Spencer, best 100% cotton underwear in the universe .. and socks - chain department clothing store with STUNNING food extension (if you can afford it), used to epitomise excellent traditional English shopping. Everything was made in England. True, woolly jumpers but at least they would be pure wool from English sheep rather than woven petrol (or whatever polypropolyne actually is). Everyone from Margaret Thatcher to Princess Di (early days) would get their underwear there - and me. Couple of years ago started sourcing clothing from the third world - went a bit down hill rather rapidly and are only just recovering. Nothing like K-Mart, which is rather low rent. K-Mart is a Ford to M&S being a Bentley (or maybe a Rover?).

HHmm - if you are a believer in evolution then M&S and BBC Radio 4 are the culmination of three and a half years of selective evolution.

Wilkinsons is a verr cheap chain - verr cheap, not clothing but everything from dog food to mirrors for your bathroom (via china cats and plastic toys).


M&S = Marks & Spencer, best 100% cotton underwear in the universe .. and ...woolly ...pure wool from English sheep

Humble, oh, so humble, suggestion: DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING MADE OUT OF COTTON ON THE CAMINOS :!:

Nothing like K-Mart, which is rather low rent. K-Mart is a Ford to M&S being a Bentley (or maybe a Rover?).

Hmm..."low rent"...Fords r not bad, though I am partial to Japanese cars...but then am not in a Bentley league so what do I know...



xm 8)


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What's wrong with cotton, xm?

(P.S. I am planning to take my decades-long tried and tested walking gear of a brush cotton shirt (worn over a T-shirt). Thye're great - windproof and shower resistant when it's cold and damp, and when it's warm you can open the buttons and roll up the sleeves , and when it's really hot you can drop it off your shoulders and tie round your front.)


What's wrong with cotton, xm?

Too heavy and takes forever to dry, in comparison to synthetic material, which transpires sweat, better, too. For me a combo of dry fast, synthetic clothing (including underwear) + layers, is the answer to a lighter Camino, particularly in the summertime. The only exception I make r wool socks. Best, xm 8)
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