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Ultimate website for everything needed on the Camino?


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Does such a website exist? It would be ideal if I could do all my shopping from one store. Does anyone have recommendations for websites that have everything or almost everything needed to pack for the camino, and more specifically, a Spain-based website? Because I am in Barcelona, and would rather not pay international shipping charges. Thanks so much.
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Timothy - there must be a good hiking store in Barcelona where you can get your stuff. Also I'd have a look at the outdoor section of the Corte Ingles which in Barcelona must be an extensive part of that huge store.

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Corte Ingles is good, but expensive. And the service is almost uniformly abysmal.

I´d go to Decathlon, a big mega-sporting goods store usually on the outside of big cities like yours. You are only walking from Ponferrada, so you won´t need Everest-worthy equipment... keep most of your investment in your boots and socks, and a light, comfy backpack. Most of the really cool-looking stuff you WON´T need.

You are in for a wonderful time!
Rebekah (from Pittsburgh, in Palencia Province)


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It pays to shop around and I've found the Corte Ingles in some Spanish cities to be very well stocked for hiking gear at very competitive prices. Both the Corte Ingles and Decathalon have websites which seem to bear this out. I must say I've never had a problem with service in the Corte Ingles. The other consideration is of course that the Corte Ingles in Barcelona is in the centre of town.

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