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I opted out of this forum last year due to various comments under the topic of couchsurfing. I went back to see may last post and find that the moderator has removed ALL of my posts with the comment that they were removed at the request of the original poster. Does this mean that I can request someone else's posts be removed because I do not agree with them? Perhaps it has more to do with the moderator referring to one of those who posted a comment as a"troll"-a reference I took exception to. None of these are available for viewing as my posts have been removed,without my permission.Is this a new arbitrary policy? This only reinforces my decision to leave this forum.
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Hi there,

We do not delete any posts unless they are spam, personal attacks or if we are requested by the poster to remove them. It looks like these posts were deleted by request of the poster (Nov. 2009).

Since we are more than one moderator working on this forum, I will consult with the rest of them and come back to you in a PM with what I find.

You are welcome here any time! :)

Buen Camino!
Thanks Ivar but my posts were none of the 3 categories you mentioned and were removed without my knowledge or permission.

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