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Via de la Plata in June - Merida to Salamanca


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Hi everyone, I'm going to start working my way through the forum discussions on this, but I thought I'd post for advice too.

I have walked the Frances, Portuguese, Del Norte, Primitivo and Francegina and Baztan, all in the summers (July /August).

This year, I have a window of 14 days walking in June. I am looking for advice please.

I am walking alone, I am in shape, plus 30 km daily isn't a huge issue, but I've no experience of central Spain. And my Spanish is still beginners.

Is it ok to walk from Merida to Salamanca in June, considering temperature? (I have walked in Italy etc in July at temps around thirties, so I'm familiar with this type temperature) Are there many facilities between stages, or is it very barren and all crossing plains from A to B?

Do you think there will be any other pilgrims in June on this route?

I'm wondering if the route has sufficient albergues? I remember several pinch points on the del Norte.

Alternatively, if anyone has done a camino that will allow for some social contact in June, that I haven't covered, please feel free to suggest. I am in my early stages of planning, but I will likely arrive in Madrid and depart from there 16 days later. I picked Merida and Salamanca as they seem to be close enough to get to from Madrid.

Thanks as always for your really useful help and advice.
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There is a sticky at the top which has a lot of the information you need, including the "pinch point" when crossing the Tagus at the Embalse. If you look for the posts by @happypenguin who completed that section earlier this year.

And temperatures/availability of water at that section can be a problem so best be prepared.

Thanks, that's a helpful start

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