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Via de la Plata: transportation between Sevilla and Granada

Julio Rivera

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I am planning to visit Sevilla this summer as part of my Via de la PLata hike. As a side trip I may visit Granada. I would like to know what kind of transportation exists between Sevilla and Granada: trains? buses? What is the fastest way to commute between both cities? Thank you.
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Hi Julio
Both bus and train options are available from Sevilla to Granada.
Have a look at the site Then key in your ‘from’ and ‘to’ places. Eg Sevilla & Granada.

Search this site to give you most options for anywhere. Drill down for more details.

This one shows bus option to come out on top - A bit over 3 hours. You’ll get to see some of the terrain too.

The train is similar as far as Córdoba & runs 4 times per day - but then., you’ve only got 1 per day from Córdoba to Granada. So you’d have to time that one.

Buen camino.

Edit: if you choose to travel by 🚂 train in Spain (and you’re over 60 I think the cut off age) ..then…> before you purchase your ticket …. Buy a ‘tarjeta dorada ‘ card first (approx 7 or 8 euros?) and then buy your ticket. The card entitles you to a good discount on the normal fare. This may be a factor in your choice of travel. The ‘card’ is valid for at least a year.
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Try for buses, for trains


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I recall doing the Seville to Granada by bus a few years ago and the Granada bus station is quite a distance out of town depending on if and where you stay. I walked in with a pack but we taxied back out as had met with friends and we were starting Camino Mozarabe in Pinos Puente.
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Corned Beef

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The quickest way is to drive but it is a long journey (from experience). Locals recommend and use BlaBla car and if you check it out say next Monday, there a more than 10 offers at €15.00 pp and taking 3 hours. Alternatively hire car

Not tried BlaBla myself but others here have.


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