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Via de la Plata Weather


Nunca se camina solo
Well, at long last firm plans are made and I have 2 months off to walk the VDLP setting off from Sevilla in January 2007. I'd be grateful for any personal experiences of walking this route at this time of year and any resources for weather predictions!


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Cycled from Scotland,walked Francias, walked V.D.L.P, winter on Francais, stroll on Englaise
I walked the route earlier this year, in a heatwave, and loved it. I did note in aulbergie books the very few winter pilgrims complaining of the cold conditions inside the aulbergies. One noted that he finally managed to rouse the (drunk) village mayor who brought six (6) logs to warm the place. Another pilgrim recorded that they draft proofed one room and took to their sleeping bags while cooking.
Outside conditions were not much better with cold and rain being frequently mentioned, but it sounds like a great challenge, if you have the proper equipment.
Official Spanish met stats are at and there are numerous weather sites in English which repackage these numbers (I often use ). Figures for Sevilla, Caceres, Salamanca will give you an idea of what to expect.

Seville is nice and mild, but as you climb up into the meseta, it will get chillier and you must expect overnight frosts. As Dael notes, few if any albergues are heated, so either take winter gear or stop in hotels. I like Spain in winter, but the main problem is the long evenings, especially if you're on your own, and in the smaller places where's there's nothing much to do except sit in your room or in a local bar.


Nunca se camina solo
Thanks both, this is helpful. I'm Scottish though living in London so walking when it is cold, raining and the sun is shining is not unusual - although in Scotland we call it summer!

Peter - I hadn't thought of the long hours between having to stop walking when dusk is around 6pm or so and sunrise isn't until 8.30am. I'll reflect on that.

Thanks for the practical advice.

and don't forget Spain is on CET, which means it's well off "God's time". Sunrise in Salamanca in mid-Jan is 8.45, set 18.20.

It's not uncommon for W Scotland to be milder in winter than the meseta, though the cold on the meseta is dry, so generally clear and bright.


re via de la plata winter

I originally planned to do this route in winter but all the indications were that there was very little accommodation available.
Has this situation now changed?

John Hussey

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johnnalexander said:
Well, at long last firm plans are made and I have 2 months off to walk the VDLP setting off from Sevilla in January 2007. I'd be grateful for any personal experiences of walking this route at this time of year and any resources for weather predictions!

Did you do the walk in January?

I am in the planning stages of going mid October through mid December this year of 2007 and walking from on to SDC, then Finisterre, Muxia, and back to SDC. As such, I would be most interested in your observation of the VdlP during the colder months.

I have walked the Camino Frances during the time frame of October-November and found the weather mostly mild, somewhat colder in the higher elevations, a little snow only once in Galicia but beautiful.


Nunca se camina solo
Yes I did! But in 21 days in January only to Salamanca as things turned out. It was splendid and whilst there was fog - freezing fog - like a haar quite a few mornings early on, I encountered no rain or extreme weather. It got noticeably colder especially in the evenings the farther north I got but with the changeability of the weather these days, who knows, it could be positively tropical when you plan to do it!

Javier Martin

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I walked it in february last year from Zamora, with a lot of snow and cold. The albergues were just for me and it was incredible nice.

If you don't mind cold crossing the Padornelo and La Canda, Go for it!

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain

John Hussey

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Well, I have my ticket going to Madrid on 22 October, arriving 23 October and high speed train to Sevilla same day for a fast 2.5 hr trip to get there. Then get the Credential next day and head north. I am looking quite forward to the train part, if I can stay awake. It is not as easy for me anymore to nap much on planes.


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