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Victim of its own success?


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I'm gonna start my camino on May 17th, so I'm already getting excited and a little bit nervous. Especially as to whether the camino will be full of people or whether there still are places, or moments, where you can walk (more or less) alone? Don't get me wrong, I like to meet new people (and I'm actually looking forward to it) and I surely don't want to be alone all the time! But I don't want it to be like on popular beaches where people fall over each other ... this would annoy me if it constantly was like this ... I know, I tend to dramatize things sometimes ;)

And I also don't want to run or fight for beds. That would be like the competition circle that we're already living in our 'real' lives I guess. So I'm taking a carry-mat with me. That way I'm more independent and I can also maybe walk later in the afternoon when most people already have reached their targets.

This isn't a very big worry though, it'll be the way it'll be ... And I'll try to relax and adapt. That's one of my personal challenges of this camino, I guess :)

But since I'm curious nevertheless, are there any people in here who did the camino last year in May/June and could tell me how it was back then?




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I did the camino May last year. It was hot. No rain in Galicia at all, only fog. But snow at the Cruz de Ferro.

I don't know how you define 'too many people' on the camino, but if you will be walking slowly (and I suggest that you do), you'll be overtaken by hurrying pilgrims every few minutes, especially in the Galician stretch. Just greet them buen camino or hola and let them be with their race towards the refugios and inevitable blisters. In my 33 days of walking I only ran out of bed once, in Viana, and that was because I stopped at 5 pm, a bit late by most pilgrim's schedules -- not enough time left to dry the laundry.

By the way, I noticed that in the last 5 days to Santiago, those who began in SJPP seem to be dragging their feet, not because of the foot injuries, but probably because they don't want the walk to end soon, whereas the ones who started in Sarria still have that bounce in their walk; these are the ones who walk straight regardless of the stones on the path.



Hi Jerome,

Which Camino(s) r u doing :?:

Where are you starting from :?:

Going all the way to Compostela :?:

In all truth, marktqm gave u excellent feedback.

Suggestions: don't worry about beds + crowds = prepare urself physically/mentally as much as poss, GO, be happy, give urself to the experience, and enjoy (and don't forget to share anecdotes when u return, :!: )

...I noticed that in the last 5 days to Santiago, those who began in SJPP seem to be dragging their feet... because they don't want the walk to end soon, whereas the ones who started in Sarria still have that bounce in their walk...

Mighty perceptive of u, marktqm :!:

Buen Camino :arrow:

xm 8)


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Thank you for your answer.

Since this is the Camino francès forum I thought I didn't need to specify it again ;)

I'll be starting in SJPDP and then go to SdC. Very classical and traditional! But since it's my first camino I don't want to experiment too much.

As for the crowds, I will indeed prepare myself for the 'worst' ... that way I can't but be positively surprised! ;)

But as you said: I'll try not to worry too much and just let things happen. And enjoy it :)

Of course I'll share anecdotes afterwards!

Have a nice day,



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Good luck!.
By the way it's NOT the camino Frances forum but a forum for ALL the routes of which the CF is only one.


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Camino Frances Forum

If you look at the top of each thread you will see whether the forum is for Camino Frances or any of the other routes. This thread is:

Compostela Forum Index -> El Camino Frances


Well, let's see how technical we can get...the "thread" may say "CF." But this "Forum" includes all Caminos. xm 8)


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This forum is for all caminos to Santiago de Compostela. I have divided up the different caminos so that each has its own category. If you read a message and wonder in what category it was posted, look at the top where it should say something like:

Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela Forum Index -> El Camino Frances
(... so this message is posted in the "El Camino Frances" category).

So therefore a new post that is related to el camino frances should go in the "Camino Frances" category. Posts related to el camino ingles should go in this category, and so on... There are also other categories as for example the one for "Equipment questions".

These categories are listed on the front page. For an example on "How to post a message in the right category" have a look here:

I hope this clears up, some of the confusion.... :)



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