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Walking from Tomar To Santiago - transport from Jaca to Toma


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We are intending to walk from Tomar to Santiagos starting in mid Sept. Our Portuguese is non existant at the moment and Spanish pretty terrible, French quite good - is it possible and about how long will it take? What about accom? how difficult is it? We have walked the Le Puy route, the Vezelay route, the Arles route and the camino Frances. How does it compare with these?
We will be arriving in Tomar - or other possible starting place from Jaca. Know there is a bus from Jaca to Madrid and from there ? train? Or would there be a better way?

Tricia :)
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My experience with Portuguese are that they are pretty good in English... in my trips to Portugal, I end up speaking English and not trying to make myself understood in Spanish or Galego/Portuguese.

In Portugal movies and TV shows are not dubbed, original language and with sub titles...

I don't think you should worry about the language. :)



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I walked from Lisbon to Santiago, via Tomar (dont miss the Templar Castle) last April, from Tomar it took me 19 Days.
Accomodation to Porto is small hotels or pensiones, from Porto to Santigo there are plenty of Albergues.
Walking is mostly on roads through beautifull countryside and small agricultural communities.
The route was well signed.
I do not speak any Portuguese and managed ok.



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Did you keep a blog - or do you have a diary of the walk to share with a friend who will be starting in May?
How to avoid failure "be prepared"
3rd Edition. More content, training & pack guides avoid common mistakes, bed bugs etc


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Thank you so much for that reply - it really gave us the information we needed. Have been thinking we may start in Lisbon. How long did that take (and about how far do you walk each day). Is the route from from Lisbon to tomar interesting ?- from our reading I know I certainly dont want to miss Tomar. Would be very interested to read parts of you diary.
Tricia :lol:

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