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"Walking in Grace" by Atman - great read (non-guide in engli


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Friend of mine e-mailed me about this book I “must” read, like no book I have ever read before. I was curious so I “looked in” on, but what I read did not announce a “must read” she was talking about. She insisted that on the very next page (not shown on Amazon) an incredible thing happened and that I won’t be able to put the book down. She was right.
After it finally arrived I read the intro: “How this book came about and… why state the obvious? Or is it” and I knew I had to read the book.
I am talking about this book to everyone, cause I think everyone will benefit from reading it. Spirituality, emotions, forgiveness, truth, lesson, honesty, enlightenment, quantum physics, healing and much more.
Everyone will find something that resonates with them, everyone will cry, everyone will learn and walk away inspired.
I did.

Buen Camino

Marylis J
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Walking in Grace is a great Camino book and a fantastic spiritual book.
If you liked The Pilgrimage by Coelho you will love Walking in Grace by Atman.
The author, a humble spiritual teacher who doesn’t preach, doesn’t teach but you - if willing - may learn a lot from. There is no psychobabble, or use of the language for the sake of it, or to make the book more beautiful. What it is though, is honest, very direct, raw and deeply spiritual. You will believe in everyday miracles again, and you will be uplifted. You may even shift your views... who knows.
A great and recommended read.



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I wouldn't qualify it like this 'cause I read The Pilgrimage by Coelho and I can't say "I loved it".
I can, however, say that about Walking in Grace. I loved this book and I couldn't put it down.
It is the best Camino book I've read - and I have read a few. It is also the best spiritual book I've read so far.
I think the review on the Canadian Amazon says it best:

"You won't be able to put this book down.
It's not a suspense novel with a soul-twisting plot. It has no celebrity. It has no gore, although a knife does figure in one episode, but not as a weapon.
It's a real page turner. It is also down-to-earth, humble and doesn't preach. It makes sense and has a unique point of view showing spirituality that is lived as opposed to talked about.

WALKING IN GRACE is a spiritual book unlike any other. No highfalutin theological theories. No Bible-thumping fundamentals. No extreme new age philosophies. Just simple basic truth as lived by the author, Atman, as she backpacks through the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain.
In today's complex world of terrorist, fast-tracking, technological over-kill and downright rudeness, there seems to be no reason to trust anyone or anything. WALKING IN GRACE is a breath of fresh air we need to reclaim our spirituality, reconnect with each other, and walk our own path in grace.

The author's journey - external and internal - shows the reader that you don't have to be perfect to do this. Atman's daily journal entries bring out a simple, but often difficult truth - you need to get beyond fears and take a leap of faith - trusting that each situation, each encounter - will work out for the best.

Readers will reconnect with their feelings and perhaps discover that they all have special gifts which will help them in their own life's journey.

Anyone who doesn't pick-up this book and read it - or who merely picks it up - will lose out on a very powerful and emotional experience. This experience is personal and may save their sorry state-of-affairs life.

Learn that you can live your life truthfully. Learn by simple example of the author's journey through Spain - external and internal - that you don't have to go through complex hoops to get your true life. Learn that it is possible to overcome fear and take a leap of faith. Get down deep into your emotions and cry and laugh. Regain your spirituality. " - Mark Brice

My sentiments exactly

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