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walking june 2010


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I am new to this site and also new to the camino. I´m planning to walk the camino in june this year. Anyone know what the weather is like in june? I´m a little worried if it´s too hot to walk (living in the cold Sweden I am more used to 15 degrees than 27 *L*)
I am grateful for all useful information about the walk you can give!
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Get your today and start planning.
Monica it can vary a lot from year to year.

I walked on the CF in June 2008, and in Estella I decided to post home my good wind jacket, as I thought it would be warm now that I was in Spain and it was summer. But as it happened, quite a few times I wished I still had that jacket with me, as there were some bitterly cold days, with a freezing wind. It never consistently warmed up until I had walked across most of the Meseta, and was approaching Leon. I have since learned that summer in 2008 was the coldest for ten years. But I have friends who walked on the CF in June 2009, and it was warm for them nearly the whole way....

I don't like walking in too much heat either, so mostly I started early when I thought it was likely to be a hot day, and I walked for about 6 hours but never walked much past lunchtime. I decided some days to stop after 20km rather than pushing on another 7-8km to the next village in the heat...
Hi Monica
Happy to see someone from Sweden found this forum, not many of us here. Did you notice The Albergue on the top of the page? You will find a Scandinavian group if you register.
Hei Stormon.
Walked in May/June 2005, rain a couple of days, not too hot if one started out a bit early.
Walked in May 2007, cold and wet much of the time.
Walked from Le Puy 15.08.09 and the Spanish road from the 19.09.09. At the end it was a bit cold.
I am from Norway.
My camino from 17.05- 20.06 in 2005 was the most comfortable regarding the weather. The albergues in Spain may be cold during the nights for us Scandinavians used to cheap electricity. Brought more clothes on my second trip.

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Gronze describes this stage as follows: "Etapa de escaso interés paisajístico y cercana a carreteras de tráfico intenso; en el aire se barrunta la presencia de una gran ciudad, aunque en algún...
I had posted previously about concerns regarding “marching from Sarria to Santiago shoulder to shoulder with hoards of pilgrims…” Our Camino is over and my fears about all of that and hours...
After about a month on the Camino, I reached the Cruz de Ferro on May 31. I spent some time reflecting on forgiveness (granting and asking for it) and remembering friends and loved ones who have...
I’m planning on walking the French route starting in a few days and I’m wondering I need to book accommodations ahead of if I’ll be able to walk into town and get something each night? Also...
The May numbers from the SJPDP pilgrim office have recently been published on their Facebook account. Edit: new link added for the PDF file...
In Viana tonight. I have observed many French pilgrims along the way since SJPDP. I recall in my two previous late Spring Caminos this seems to be a popular time for them. Maybe someone has...

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