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walking the camino with children


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i have walked st jean to Santiago ,and also,this year ,a very hot VDP.
My husband and i would like to walk part of the camino de santiago with daughter and 2 grandchildren in early June this year .Reasons include wanting to have a shared family experience /adventure that may lighten our relating to each other,providing a common goal and getting out of our mutual comfort zones ,Why the camino and not just some other walk ? Well my memories of the camino are of places that are beautiful ,sometimes stark or hard terrain ,but always fascinating ,with interesting people and stories ,and i love the Spanish culture .
So advice please -we have about 4 weeks-and at the moment are considering starting at st jean and doing about 10-15 k away to start off with ,depending on accommodation of course .Jimmy is 9and will be fine ,but Matilda is 2 and half so we are thinking of a terrain buggy (any ideas re make etc ?) i realise that the first part over the pyrenees will be hard pushing ,but 3 adults .
The other possibility is to pick a part and simply do that ,though i would like us to walk into Santiago .i am not as precious as i was last time re walking each step ,even that awful part near Burgos ,and option is to take a bus every now and then .
Please anyone out there who has walked with young children ,tell me what you think .Thanks and blessings



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Taking a 2 and half years old to the Camino is tough, I am not a doctor but consider the sun heat and sun stroke as great risk. You'll have to "drag" her with you and I am sure she'll be bored. imagine her as a baby with all those hikers in the albergue at night. i don't think it'll be an experience for her to remember. She'll slow you down for sure.
As for the 9 years old it might be hard.
I suggest you walk from Leon to Santiago, more pleasant, more towns, more medical facilities.
Consider baggage transfer to lighten your weight.
Why don't the two of you do the camino again with her when she's 9?


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Samba, I remember a forum thread a couple of years ago with some lovely photos of a couple who walked with a toddler. I can't find it now, but maybe someone else can track it down...


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I have a chapter in my book on walking with children and toddlers.
This is quote from a father and Camino guide publisher who walked with his toddlers:

‘It is easier than people think with a 15-month-old and everyone gave us a warm welcome. We did stay mainly in hotels with some albergues where they tended to put us up in the rooms reserved for sick pilgrims. It can’t have been too bad as we are planning on going again next year; this time with our children who will be seven and five years old. I think it will be more of a challenge as they will have to get there under their own steam. My advice is always the same to people thinking about taking kids on the Camino, just do it and see what happens, you can always stop and come back another time.’
Ben – publisher of Pili Pala Press


We did the Camino Portuges a few years ago with our then 14 month old and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. So much so, in fact, that we are thinking of going again this fall with the two kids, who will be 3 and 12 months by then.

There was one thread- I think it was the thread mentioned above- that was extremely helpful to us while we were planning, and where I promised to detail our trip upon completion (which, to my embarrassment I have still not gotten around to a year and a half later!) but when I click on the link it is GONE- and all that remains is an error message. Mods, any idea what is happening? I would love to see this thread again and promise to share our experience so that more people can benefit...


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Tried to track down the previous thread and I think it may be this one. I updated the link embedded above as well.

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Very encouraging. We are planning on doing a short strech with our 9 and 11 year old. We are very active and hike with the boys quite a bit at home. Still being our first time, we are a little nervous. This information helps. Don't think it will be a problem. VEry exited to do this with the family. Buen Camino.
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God willing I will be doing it with atleast three of my six kiddos...starting to look like it will be four of my six. The youngest (walking) will be ten when we leave. I do realize that is apples to oranges of what you are planning. I wanted to say I left St Jean with a mom walking with her young teen and a baby!!! she did have a pushcart and she seemed as confident as any of us. I ran into another mother with a pushcart but was not certain of her story, it was two stages before Burgos.
We were at an auberge together and everyone gravitated to her little one! Welcomed him with open arms, it was a treat to be in their company!
Buen Camino!


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You should read the Blog of the kiwi family: 1.000km walk for water.
They arrived at Finisterra yesterday after having walked more than 1.000 Kms. The mother Rachel walked with her 4 youngest children, two girls and two boys ranging from 8 to 14. There are various comments on her Blog on this Forum. It's amazing what they have achieved. Anne

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