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walking the del norte between Vialba and Santiago


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I am planning my first camino pilgramige for June 2010 and finding all the info in your forum very helpful and inspiring. Thank you so much. Because of limited time I have to take the train/ bus between Bilbao and Vilalba. Are the services available? Then there is a long walk between Baarmonde and Sobrado dos Moinxes, 38,9 km, which might just be to long for one day. Is that part an easy hike or could I find accomodation anywhere in between? Or is it the wrong route to take to Santiago, because on the map here, it doesn't look like passing through Vilalba. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks.
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Dorthe said:
Then there is a long walk between Baarmonde and Sobrado dos Moinxes, 38,9 km, which might just be to long for one day. Is that part an easy hike or could I find accomodation anywhere in between?

Have no fear. There's a very good albergue between Baamonde and Sobrado at Miraz. It's handled by the CSJ. It should be one of your most pleasant stay according to my experience. It's about half way in between.
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I walked this route last September, in the following stages:

Vilalba - Baamonde

Baamonde - Miraz

Miraz - Sobrado Dos Monxes

Sobrado - Arzua

Arzua - Monte Do Gozo

Monte Do Gozo - Santiago

Miraz was delightful. We all ate a meal together with the Hospitalero and Hospitalera (Alison Raju) and drank far too much wine bought from the local bar.

Note that the bar is just a bar. There is no shop, so you have to take your own food.
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In June 2009 we stayed Vilalba, Baamonde, Miraz (very special) ,Sobrada and THEN walked direct to St Irene and took an older path from Sobrada as documented in the CSJ guide which bypasses Arzua. Mind you, we had been walking a month before hand and the Sobrado - St Irene was about 35km , yet reasonably flat. So that is an option, There are few arrows that way however the directions are clear in the CSJ - nobody else in the way though!.
Cheers Jill
Thanks to you all for the good information. Jean-Marc, I have checked the site you advised and found it very, very helpful. It is so much fun to do all the planning and reading all the info from the forum. Be sure that you will hear more questions from down under. Thanks to all of you.
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