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walking to finesterre but avoiding old memories

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I am walking another camino this year and would like to walk to Finesterre. Sadly, last year I had a very powerful romance that ended in heartbreak when we returned home. I'm happy again and am hoping to walk another full camino to finesterre again this year, albeit a different camino. I liked the feel of the place but missed so much as I was in the middle of a crazy romance. I would like to go this year again, but I'm afraid I'll be walking through memories.

I really would like to walk through Negreira and Olveiroa, avoiding staying there. I don't really want to wallow in old memories in these towns, they are still too raw. Are there any small places with albergues other than these two towns?

Has anyone any suggestions for further walking after Santiago or ways to walk to Finesterre without staying in these two places? I realise that may be tricky. I may just board a plane in SJC and take a few days in Seville or Madrid.

Advice welcome and appreciated.


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Gronze.com also covers these caminos well. See more here.
This offers both pilgrim albergues and regular tourist accommodation. Cited by location progressing geographically along the camino pilgrim albergues are printed first in one ink and tourist accommodation below in another. Tap each citation for further info such as address/web/email/cost etc. Booking.com links are also provided.

After walking across the hills near Cee you can at last glimpse the sea. Near-by is one of my favorite stops, the simple, welcoming albergue at San Roque/Corcubion.
In the dark from their dorm window when at last you see the lighthouse beacon at Finisterre shining out to sea it is magical.

Good luck and Buen camino!
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Via de la Plata, Seville to Santiago de Compostella via Astorga, then Finisterre... April and May 2016
@Deepforest - you never know how you will feel - try not to worry too much. You describe having a very positive disposition towards this particular spot, and as others have said - there are lots of options for places to stay. You never know what sort of people your might meet along the way - if you find yourself having made a bond with some good people who want to stay in one of those places you stayed last time, you might surprise yourself and decide to stay there again, and have a great time. That might even remove some of the power from the memories you have from your previous stay. Who knows... My advice is to look at all of the options available beforehand, and then let yourself go with whatever feels right when you get there!

Good luck, buen camino!


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2015 Camino Frances 2016 Camino Portuguese 2017 del Norte and Primitivo 2017 Via Francegina 2018.
NicP, yeah I liked finesterra. We walked to negriera then Oliviera, then on to muxia and finally finesterre. I'm afraid the memories are haunting though. It was a very deep romance and was a miserable year really since then. I'd love to stay a night or two with my friends this time. I left them last year and walked on alone with the special friend. I felt I lost some of the experience last time as everything was like a surreal fog.

I definitely can't stay in negriera or Olviera. The memories would just be too much. I'm trying to remember the name of a place that someone recommended walking to after santiago. I think this time I'll stay in Monto de Gozo. Then push on past santiago.

But I'm going to plan provisionally, then allow for Camino life to happen. I'd like to make it to finesterre with my old friend, who walked the last three caminos with me. I abandoned him last year to be with someone that was special at that time. Last years Camino taught me some very , very hard lessons. I hope this one is kinder. Sometimes what we find isn't always what we are hoping for, but I guess life goes on. There's always the next day.

Thanks for your advice.


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Or just go to Muxia? Skip Finessterre? We did both and I LOVE Muxia! Wild and FREE!!!


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I just walked to Muxia in July and saw a sign for a new albergue about 11 km outside of Santiago. It must be the one gronze lists as in Castelo. https://www.gronze.com/galicia/coruna/castelo/albergue-casa-riamonte That would make it easy for you to continue walking through Santiago.

I spent my first night in Vilaserio in a newly opened albergue, Casa Vella, which is wonderful. https://www.gronze.com/galicia/coruna/vilaserio/albergue-casa-vella Built by the owners' great great grandfather, restored and preserved, meals served, great spaces. But that would probably be too close for you if you spent the first night in Castelo.

In any event, my general comment is that there are lots of new albergue on the Finisterre route and I am sure you won't have any trouble avoiding Negreira and Olveiroa. I stayed at neither, walking Santiago-Vilaserio-Dumbria-Muxia. HIGHLY recommend walking to Muxia and the albergue in Dumbria is great as well. Good luck with your return to the camino.

Anemone del Camino

There is also someone building a "green" albergue between Fisterra and Lires and apparently she welcomes those passing by even if the place is not fully ready.


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I find that walking backwards hurts my legs, especially on the hills.....sorry :rolleyes:
Walking backward is telling me to slow down, lol. When the shin splints get so bad and you still have a lot more downhill to go, it can be a welcome change to wak backward for a bit. :cool:

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