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LIVE from the Camino WARNING - Flasher at Logrono

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September (2018)
A fellow pilgrim has reported that she was walking along coming into Logrono and was followed for some time by a flasher. He was fairly persistent and she became a bit concerned after a while. Fortunately no problems but if you know a single female walking in the area, or you are one, please consider staying with another group of walkers in that area.

Also note you can download the Spanish "AlertCops" app that the Spanish Police provide to immediately send the police location, nature and even photos or video in an emergency.


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SJPP-Santiago-Finistera-Muxia. April/May 2012
Sarria-Santiago Sept. 2013
SJPP - Almost Orrison April 2014
There is continuing concern about incidents affecting female pilgrims. We reiterate the advice given by a number of pilgrim associations and the Spanish authorities:

Before you set out, programme the emergency number 112 into your telephone.

Consider downloading this App issued by the Spanish government:


The app allows anyone in Spain to send an alert from a mobile device "smartphone'"straight to the police..

If you feel threatened or uncomfortable or if you are assaulted in any way TRY TO REMOVE yourself to a place of safety immediately

Call the police – the best number to use is 112 which covers all of Spain (and much of Europe) and which has operators who speak English.

And please, please, REPORT all incidents to the police. Too many of these unlawful aggressions are never reported, which means that the full extent of the problem is hidden from the authorities.

Phil W

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CF 2016; Hospitalero 2017, 2018
I agree with @wayfarer. Program 112 into your telephone. Although not a woman, I have downloaded the AlertCops app for my phone. I'll be bouncing around the Camino this winter and feel the added security of being able to contact the police or other emergency services without having to explain where I am (the app has a location feature on it), was worth the effort.



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Frances planned for October 3-mid November (2018)
I've downloaded the app but if I change the sim card in spain, won't the number be different? Should I wait till I'm there to validate the app?

Phil W

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CF 2016; Hospitalero 2017, 2018
I've downloaded the app but if I change the sim card in spain, won't the number be different? Should I wait till I'm there to validate the app?
Like @Kanga, I don't know but if I end up reprogramming it when I arrive, no problem. It was easy for my nontechnical self to do.


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Frances planned for October 3-mid November (2018)
I tried today and as I was putting in my number, it wasn't valid, so it didn't work. I am just trying to eliminate as many "last minute" items in an effort to not remember things. I'm so sorry that this is even necessary. Just so sad. I've been flashed twice...seems innocuous until it happens to you.


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"....coming into Logrono... " ??

Where? Coming into Logrono can be for a very long way.

Was it in the park area along the river? Before crossing the bridge into Logrono proper?

How far out was this?

Sorry, but OP may not have that information. But would be good for people walking to have a better understanding of where this happened at.

Of course can happen anywhere. So best to assume can happen anywhere and be on guard at all times.
Dont be fearful or drop out of a walk. Just be watchful and alert.

Seems the best solution for this stuff is to walk with a few others. But at times this is not practical for everyone.

Just hope flashing doesn't become something more.

Possibly heavy wooden walking staffs are better to use than the light weight metal ones. That will bend when hitting someone over the head. The heavy wooden ones are like a baseball bat.

But two problems here:
- hitting someone unless absolute necessary to save life or limb may not be a smart option; and,
- the wooden walking staffs weight a ton.


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2016 Sjpp to Sdc. 2018 Lisbon to Sdc to Finisterre. Next up hopefully VDP or Del Norte.
The advice on this thread is very sensible.

May I recommend that women (and men) do a self defence course? There are short courses that are provided especially for women by many organisations. These courses teach not only physical self defence moves that might allow you to escape from a physical threat but also general strategies and behaviours for staying safe.

By doing a course, you won't become some kind of self defence expert instantly, but you will learn to defend yourself so you can hopefully escape. I say hopefully, because there are no guarantees in a conflict situation, even for the most experienced martial artist which is one reason why most trained martial artists would rather avoid conflict in the first place.

By doing a course, you will probably feel more confident on the Camino and this will show in your body language and posture. As a generalisation, men who target women are most likely pathetic cowards who will only pick on lone victims where the offender senses some kind of superiority.

But remember, there is before and after Camino as well. What you learn, you have the knowledge and skills anywhere, so whilst this is a Camino thread, it is nice to have confidence and awareness while walking through life generally.

You could attend a Wing Chun class (or any other martial art for that matter) and observe a lesson before deciding whether it is for you or not. I mention Wing Chun because I have been training for over six years. (Joining up at the age of 59 after experiencing a pickpocketing issue with a pick pocket man in Shanghai, China) (Age is no impediment, however some martial arts are really for the young, speedy and agile, so by being an observer at a lesson, you can assess whether your physical ability is up to it. That's why I chose Wing Chun Kung Fu at age 59. It suited my physical abilities apart from kicking (dodgy knee!))

Most good schools should welcome an observer who is thinking of joining. Ask first though :)

Wing Chun, was invented by a woman and it is a very effective martial art for women.

Bear in mind, that Wing Chun (and other martial arts) take many, many years of training to become proficient, however after a year, I would think that a student taking two classes a week would reasonably be able to protect themselves against bigger and stronger opponents.

The short courses for women track as I said will teach strike and escape strategies, while a martial art track will additionally teach posture, balance, anatomy, judging distance, striking without hurting yourself, attack and defence, dealing with more than one person and so on.

There are many online courses also and while these have a place there can be no better training than training with someone because you can ask questions, get lots of gentle physical practice and get to meet often very nice people as well :)

Hope this helps


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