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I notice that Ivar pointed out that the way marks from Santiago to Finisterre were damaged in the fires last year. I heard from a fellow pilgrim last year that these old way marks were a little unreliable and that a guide book would probably be worthwhile. I DO have a guide book, although the idea of constantly having to flick through it kinda annoys me!

So... Feedback on the way marks. Reliable?
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Hi Minkey

We just walked from Santiago to Finisterre (last week) and the path was very well marked with concrete bollards at every junction pointing the way and supplemented by the odd yellow arrow.

In fact, it was a lot better marked than the way from Roncevalles to Pamplona (where I found myself confused quite a few times). We had two or three guide books as well - which I always find useful because there are always one or two forks in the road where I am not quite sure where to go.

I could have done with a map as well but found it impossible to find one in Santiago - everyone looked at me as if I was mad when I asked for a detailled map of the area suitable for walkers. The reason I like a map as well is a belt and braces one - plus we did find that not having a map meant that occasionally we weren't quite sure where we were because we didn't know if we had been through a particular hamlet or not. Although the way marks are good, they don't tell you the name of the next village so you don't know if you've walked through it or not.

Having said that - when you can find someone to ask - they are all very friendly. And people occasionally came running out of their houses or leant out of their windows to tell us the right direction if we appeared to be going the wrong way . . .

The walk is well worth doing . . . the landscape is a bit built-up and industrial but there are some good views if the mist clears long enough for you to see them. And the trip to the lighthouse to watch the sun drop into the sea was one of the highlights of my summer.

Have fun!


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We found the waymarking OK from Santiago to Finisterre. It appears that the markings have been redone since the fire. Didn't get lost once - although got lost three times between Sevilla and Santiago!

In Santiago we went to the Xunta de Galicia tourist office and got "The Pilgrims' Ways to Santiago in Galicia - THE FISTERRA-MUXIA WAY" which we found a useful supplement as well.



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