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I'm looking to do the Camino from Loyola to Manresa, the Way of St. Ignatius, in September. Wondering if it's marked well and any tips re distances and accommodation. I've never seen it mentioned on the Forum but hoping there's some infirmation out there.



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If you are on Facebook, check out the Friends of the Ignatian Camino page. Some first hand reports, one from just a few weeks ago, and a source for a good (and only??) guidebook. If I ever finally make it to Santiago and am still able to walk, lol, the Ignatian is the one I'd be most interested in doing next.

Buen Camino!



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Hola Angela, I walked the Ignaciano in September 2016. Here is my blog if that is any help to you.
It is a lovely walk, lots of contrast, with the wet green Basque mountains to the hot dry plains after Logrono, and then Montserrat itself.

Are you going to the Camino Festival in Blackheath? We can chat then if you are, or I can meet you in Sydney before or after. Buen Camino, Janet


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