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Weather alerts


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A snow alert was in place across seven regions on Sunday, including Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Navarra, Galicia, Basque Country and Cataluña.

Wintery conditions are set to complicate the way home for thousands of Easter holiday travellers in Spain, with fresh snow falls affecting the north of the country. 3.5 million journeys home are expected across the country.


The first snowstorm to hit Northern Spain brought snows in the areas Sil mentioned. Of particular interest to pilgrims, there was up to 1 meter in Navarra, including Roncesvalles.

The weather forecast for the region calls for more rain with high probability of snow on wed 3/26 at 800 mts. To those departing this week, follow Sil's advice to bring your fleece gloves and beanie. You can discard or mail back once it starts to warm.

Take care and buen camino! :arrow:

Here's the detailed INM forecast for Roncesvalles thru Sun 3/30:


To all you pilgrims starting this week.... It's possible you may not be able to get to those starting points... from what I have read, people are having a difficult time getting home from their semana santa festivities.
Mario, listen to the people in SJPP about getting on the Camino. The crossing may not be passable. Please be careful all of you.
I came back to Madrid from Asturias on 24th and I had no problrm, but the until the day before (23rd) was snowing a lot in all the north. Many, many problems for cars and trucks in all roads. I can,t imagine about problems for pilgrims!!

When I crossed the Camino Frances in Burgos there was no snow nor cold weather but the day before ... ufff, it should be terrible.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain
Re: Weather alerts --any updates for SJPD/Roncesvalles?

we're leaving around the 12-13th& wondered if anyone is out there that can tell us what it's like this week in that area (today's the 4th of April)



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My sources tell me that there's about 20cm of snow on the ground around Foncebadon and Cruz de Ferro. Also the descent from El Acebo to Molinaseca is pretty slippy and treachorous underfoot, and pilgrims are being advised to follow the road rather than the path.
I wonder how many pilgrims realize that most of the camino is rocky or stony. I do not have experience walking in the snow, but I imagine the danger of twisting one's ankle is great. I hurt my ankle and it was dry as can be.


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In 2005 it snowed just as we arrived in Roncevalles and the next morning we woke up to a good 18" of snow on the ground. Lovely as it was to look at, it meant walking on the road for the next couple of days. The hard surface and long distances (and maybe my lack of training :oops: ) gave me a stress fracture in one leg and I ended up having to give up the Camino! So, to all those out there slogging it thru the mush: take care, be safe, go easy, and listen to your body.


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La nieve atrapa coches en Os Ancares y a un grupo de peregrinos en Triacastela

Snow traps cars in Os Ancares and a group of pilgrims in Triacastela

The wind and heavy rains, which are in the form of snow higher up, are complicating much movement in the road network in the province of Lugo this Friday, which resulted in four pilgrims being trapped in Triacastela and eighty students could not go to class.

Incidents throughout Galicia
At sea, sources of fishermen's associations of Burela and Celeiro confirmed that the majority of ships of the coastal fleet remained moored at port. The trawlers of coastline dared to go out to fish in the morning, though gradually had to return to shore.
The storm is causing complications in the road network of Lugo. Morning needed the use of chains for driving on the high O Poio, in Pedrafita do Cebreiro, and municipal emergency services had to cut two roads this morning, in the top of Rubiais and in the area between and Rabaceira Veiga da Forca.

As a result of the snow, four pilgrims were trapped at dawn at the height of the statue of the pilgrim located at the top of San Roque, on the road between O Cebreiro and Triacastela. They were later rescued. In addition, several vehicles were trapped because of the snows in the estrada Cereixal O Pino, near the School of Agricultural Training Becerreá; and Cervantes, a truck responsible for the collection of dead animals became trapped by snow in the CP-1402.

Snow left college to eighty children in the province, in the municipalities of Triacastela, Navia of Suarna, Cervantes, Folgoso do Courel and Pedrafita do Cebreiro. The council has been concerned over the latter, where the college of the capital city, with 46 students, remains closed.
Moreover, the Civil Guard reported that during the night there were many complications with the wind on numerous secondary roads in the province, since demolished more than a dozen trees on different roads.

In the port of Burela, two boats with crews were to drift until one succeeded in tow to another. In addition, the fisheries of the fence 'Agarimo Dous' broke loose from their moorings, as a result of strong wind and collided with another ship. In this town mariñana saw one of the largest wind gusts of Galicia, of 126 miles per hour.

In the provincial capital, firefighters also had to act morning to remove a cornice that had been detached from the facade of the building number 8 Unidade de la Rua and threatened to fall on public roads, because of strong wind



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Many, various, and continuing.
No snow on my part of the meseta, but really terrible wind conditions and wind-driven rain. Miserable walking. Even my dogs don´t want to go out in it. The gale caught two pilgrims yesterday on the bridge into Puente Villarente, and sent them staggering right into traffic. Which is to say I almost hit them with my car.

Seeing as I was on the way into Leon anyway, I picked them up, (along with a couple others) and drove them into town and started them on the path to a great tapas-crawl. It was the least I could do.

Rivers and streams are way up. Take it easy out there. Or just take a day off and hole up and rest.



Staff member
We are also having bad weather. The other night we had up to 120 km/h winds and poring rain... today, only "normal" rain and clouds. They say it will get better at the beginning of next week.

Just saw the weather report on TVE and I saw rain all over Spain for the weekend. Snow over 1300 meter was reported.

The same bad weather in the Madrid area, too, raining dogs and cats. ¡¡Wonderful!! water is very, very necessary here in Spain after a son dry autumn and soft winter.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain


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Camino(s) past & future
2002 CF: 2004 from Paris: 2006 VF: 2007 CF: 2009 Aragones, Ingles, Finisterre: 2011 X 2 on CF: 2013 'Caracoles': 2014 CF and Ingles 'Caracoles":2015 Logrono-Burgos (Hospitalero San Anton): 2016 La Douay to Aosta/San Gimignano to Rome:
Report from Margaret on the camino:

Sunday 20th April:
Ponferrada 205 km to go ... (altitude 543m) I am wearing all my clothes, here comes Michelin man - no actually - here comes Michelin Snowman from South Africa, walking the Camino in Spain!
I walked 27 km today ( of which 20km was in a snow storm!!) snow, wind, snow, rain, snow, sleet, snow , mist - the snow flakes just packed all over me! The counrtyside was blanketed with 4 inches of snow overnight! The steep, mountain goat path down the mountain was not ¨"quick step" but Poly-poly.. which is slowly - slowly in Swahili... God obviously wanted me to live longer, otherwise, I would have become R.I.P. cross on the side of the road today!

Villafranca del Bierzo 183km to go ...
I forgot to tell you that at the 1504m altitude point ( I passed in the snowstorm) there is a very tall cross erected to help pilgrims find their way across the mountains. Traditionally, each pilgrim places a small stone at the base of the cross - I had a stone in my bag, but I failed to find my popsicle fingers in my gloves to retrieve the stone to place it there!
Snowballs of love, peace, joy, faith, hope and courage to all who need it!

O Cebreiro 151 km to go (altitude 1300m)
Another high oint on the Camino and it is snowing again - 6 inches of snow along the road. Absolutely stunning! The most beautiful time of the year thru this section - steep valleys, gushing rivers and streams, bright green trees, fruit tress in full blossom!
Todays long, hard 32km non-stop uphill in the rain and snow was well worth it!
When last did you tackle something very difficult, and ultimately found it really worthwhile?

Triacastela 130 km to go (altitude 665m)
12 inches of snow overnight, it is still snowing and Magaret is walking! (now for those of you who do not know me too well- I DISLIKE cold temp! So if you cant believe what I am doing, neither can I !!! The most stunning decent, with the most magnificant views of the valleys and mountains ( a bit like Franschoek valley, but 10x better) Interesting talking to a Swede and Slovakian guy - they average 30-40km a day! Most people average 20km a day, and some do less. This one Austrain guy noted that I do uphills with non-stop pace, he asked if I was an athlete!!! I was stunned! I am just me, doing my best every day...
Oh, Margaret, you are a strong brave woman!! I know I could do it, but I rather read about it and shudder. And what is fun to read is how much you are enjoying it.... what a spirit!
Were you able to take any pictures? Or were your numb fingers unable to push the buttons?
Rain and snow? Cold and wet!!
No thanks
wow!! what emotion!! wot excitement!!

now not only do i want to return to Spain to live in my own apt which i am missing very much, but to also finally walk the via de la plata!!!

BUT, i'll walk in the spring so i dont get to much rain nor hot sol!!!

thanks for sharing!! stay safe and keep those fingers warm!!!!


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Camino(s) past & future
This thread is from about this time of year three years ago. I love the descriptions of the weather.

Another thread has addressed steep descents, particularly into Zubiri. The one from the Iron Cross to Molinaseca has several difficult stretches that can be made worse by weather. You can stay on the road after the Cross, but the path is nicer when it is not muddy, and it is slightly faster. The final few hundred meters into El Acebo is steep and slippery when wet, but staying on the road instead of taking the path down the hill adds a kilometer. After Riego de Ambros (which has a pretty nice albergue but only one restaurant), there is a rocky canyon that I would recommend avoiding. Road walking from Riego is not the most pleasant stretch, but it avoids the canyon and some rocky trail paralleling the road. You can take the road after Riego and rejoin the Camino past the canyon. I met two barefoot pilgrims in this stretch, and they were not complaining about the rocks!
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