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weather in july

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Here is what it was like in July last year:


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I'm starting from Burgos in a couple of weeks and have just looked at the weather on the weatherunderground site and have noticed that this week, the temperature will go up to a pleasant 35 degrees but down to 8 degrees at night. 8 degrees! That's freezing and almost the coldest, most bitter day in winter in HK. It also has the record low of being 3 degrees in 2002.

I really didn't think it could be so cold in summer in Spain. I was just going to take a sleeping bag liner and ultra ultra thin sleeping bag, but if that's the possible temperature, I shall have to review my planned packing list. If it can get down to 8 degrees in Burgos, I hate to think what the night time temperature could be in places like Foncebadon. :shock:

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weather in july
If it can get down to 8 degrees in Burgos
You will be indoors when that occurs outside. When you are outside, you will have cover and be working up a sweat. Leave the sleeping bag at home, and get double duty out of your poncho or extra clothes if it is truly cold inside and albergue.
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Simdel and others. I just did a quick search and found this:

Weather in Northern Spain in July
July is a good time to head to the Basque Country and other parts of northern Spain. The rain has mainly subsided and generally warm days can be expected. The weather isn't as reliable as it is in the south, but the locals won't be complaining!

The average maximum temperature in Bilbao in July is 77°F/25°C and the average minimum temperature is 61°F/16°C.

Weather in North-West Spain in July
July is the driest month for Galicia and Asturias, but that still means rain can be expected on approximately one day in three. The Spanish often head to the beaches of Galicia around this time, so good weather and suntanning is possible, but they have the luxury of being able to check the weather report before organizing a last-minute trip.

The average maximum temperature in Santiago de Compostela in July is 70°F/21°C and the average minimum temperature is 61°F/16°C.


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tox said:
Simdel. By HK do you mean Hong Kong? I'm coming from there too in mid-July!!!
tox, Thanks for the weather information. I was actually quite scared when I saw the temperature at 8 degrees at night in Burgos. I mean, that's freezing and would require a warm sleeping bag with more clothes than I had planned on taking.

Yes, I'm in Hong Kong. Spending the weekends walking between DB and Mui Wo and from Tai O to Tung Chung. It's been a bit wet to risk going into the hills, with the T3 warning recently. There can't be too many people living in HK and heading off for the Camino! I'm starting from Rosa Lima station, Burgos on the 4th and have 27 days to get to Santiago.
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You will not need many clothes in July.
Nor would I carry a heavy sleeping bag.
Like someone said, you'll be inside if the temp does dip.
Go light.
If you DO get cold, there will be plenty of jackets to choose from in the Free Boxes.
I dumped one there myself.. I walked in September-November


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Last July did not have 1 day of rain from SJPdP to Finisterre. Used my light-weight fleece some mornings but within an hour took it off. Slept in a silk liner with clothes and believe me, many nights very warm, no blanket needed.


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I live in Galicia, at 890 metres. Where I am we have not had 1 day of rain so far this month, this is something of a pain because it means a daily wander with a watering can :(
The weather for this weekend will be over 30 degrees all over Spain, and warm at night, whatever that may mean. It will certainly be well over 8 degrees. Summer has started. Thunderstorms can, of course, hit anywhere anytime! personally I'd like a bit of rain :)
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I have completed 4 stages since I arrived and the weather has been really really cold at night and in the morning until about 10. This morning was the coldest and at 7 am, walking through Revenga it was numbing. Even the Spanish have been noting the cold in the mornings, and now in Carrion, it still isn exactly warm at 4 in the afternoon. There was some lovely warm weather a couple of afternoons ago, though it quickly got cold as the sun went down. I am surprised!


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Whatever happened to July? I'm afraid Galicia, and I think much of northern Spain is having a British summer. For anyone who doesn't know what that's like you probably don't want to :( It just shows weather can not be predicted by what has happened in previous years. I think we had summer in June, I'm back to using a duvet again, but I'm ok I've got one! Anyone about to start needs to be prepared for anything. :?

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