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New Member
Maybe I just haven't gone far enough back in the forum histories, but I'm wondering what kind of weather to be expecting on the Camino Frances during June and July. I know that the days are going to be hot. I can handle that, I've been in Spain in June and July before.

What I'm really wondering about is the average nightly low. I ask because I'm about to go on my big shopping trip to buy most of my supplies, and I'm wondering if I should get a sleeping bag, or if a liner will suffice. I know what kind of temps I like to sleep in, I'm just wondering what are the actual temps going to be?

Ayudame, por favor!
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Actually, it is not always hot on the Camino Frances in June!!! I had friends who walked last June and struck it hot, but in 2008 it was apparently the coldest June for ten years. I posted home my good windjacket, thinking that it would be warm now it was June and I was in Spain... and there were some bitterly cold days when I wished I still had it. I remember Azofra and Granon for particularly bitter winds!! The first warm days I struck were when I was nearly across the Meseta.

As far as night-times went though, I only had a light sleeping bag and it was always more than warm enough. There were plenty of people sleeping in the rooms who generated a goodly amount of body heat, and I never felt cold at night.


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New Member
Muchas Gracias Fresco

This was exactly what I was looking for! :D


Thanks for the reality check. I know the summer I was in Spain, I was in Salamanca and it was blastedly hot most of the time.


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Catalinda said:
I know that the days are going to be hot. I can handle that, I've been in Spain in June and July before.

One thing is to be visiting Spain (or anywhere else for that matter, in the heat). Another is to be walking with a back on your back, sometimes over long stretches where there is no shade, water, etc. The perspective changes radically! Anne
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New Member
I am familiar with 40C in Texas July's so I don't worry about the heat. But I am concerned with sweaty tourists waiting in line for showers. I wonder if this is a problem.


Veteran Member
well mostly they will be pilgrims and there will only be many if there are many of them wanting a shower at any particular time


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One of the pleasures with stopping after 5-6hours walking DougSR is to avoid these so called sweat tourists :cry:
What a pleasure it is to stop in the little towns , have a shower and go to lunch :)
I rarely saw sweaty tourists as they were more than likely in the hotels/pensions.

I did see many worn out , tired pilgrims who were indeed covered in sweat.
They were usually given water by the owners of the albergues on arrival , they showered and then washed their clothes,
You will come across this every day DougSR on the camino.

May i ask what deodorant you use ?? :D
We use Merino wool garments which actually help the sweat stay close to us and not others :)

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