Week Twelve - Will Boag is a 70-year-old pilgrim with Parkinson’s Disease

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If you thought the title of this week’s podcast suggested Will Boag was a Parkinson’s sufferer, you’re wrong.

This 70-year-old pilgrim from Sydney is no sufferer - he’s the poster-child for the disease.

He’s about to head off on his fourth Camino with his wife Corrie.

Will wrote the book ‘You’re the Guy with Parkinson’s – Poems, Prose and Ponderings on the Camino’, with 60 per cent of the profits going to Shake It Up, which is trying to find a cure.

He walks, he dances, he writes and he shares his journey - and I loved every minute of our discussion.

You can buy Will’s book and follow his journey at willtowalk.com.au

You’ll agree Will Boag is no sufferer.

(apologies for a couple of audio hiccups ~ I didn’t quite sense the Harbour breeze!!)

Buen Camino …..Dan




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I am really enjoying your podcasts. Thanks!


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