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Well, I finished it - my fourth time.

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Mixed feelings,...
It may surprise some of you - those who haven’t walked it in July - but it was VERY empty. Walked on my own but for a few people I encountered (2!). Both lovely.
By Belorado I thought ,this is me done, I am off! I must add it was raining most afternoons, after I had arrived.
As things happened, it wasn’t the end. To cut a long story short, I met with my walking mate in Burgos and off we went on....
Arrived in Santiago with a few days to spare and instead of the usual finish (Fisterra/Muxía) decided to go for the Inglés Camino.
It was a needed respite after the crowds from Sarria. Apparently it was worse than during the Holy Year.... I had never experienced so many people.... There were times when you just couldn’t walk past people, there were so many!
But I am glad I went on, it gave me time to think.... It wasn’t the blissful, perfect Camino I experienced only two years ago, it was just ...different.
And I am thankful for every step I made.
I am back home now and reflecting...
Nothing happens by chance....
In Santiago I made the effort and was rewarded to meet a wonderful lady (from this forum).
Thank you and God bless you :)
That’s all from me tonight!

Mike Savage

So many friends to meet . . . so little time
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Congratulations Domigee! I'm glad you got to meet her too.


la tierra encantada
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Who did you meet?

Peter Fransiscus

Be proud of who you are.
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All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
Welcome home and well done, @domigee - you prevailed!
And wonderful also that you got to walk the peaceful and beautiful Ingles after the traffic jams in the last days on the Frances.
Good morning. Have a question, it has nothing to do with this post.
Did you get my pm or did something go wrong with it.
Regards Peter.


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somehow someday...
thank you in advance looking forward some of your photos.:)


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Good morning. Have a question, it has nothing to do with this post.
Did you get my pm or did something go wrong with it.
Regards Peter.
Hi Peter. Was this addressed to me? If it was, then no, I never got your pm....


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Fall 2016 Camino Frances to Leon
Fall 2017 Camino Frances to Finisterre
May 2019 Portuguese
Your post makes me smile!
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