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What about walking week of Halloween break?


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My wife working in local school anf the only real holidays available are Juky August and a week in end if October.

Am reading that July August is very hot and not that popular. So am looking at the Halloween break 28 October to say first Sunday in November.

What is weather and facilities like at that time?? Any suggestions for where to start and finish for a weeks walking???
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What county has "Halloween Break"?

A nice one week CF section at that time of year might be Logroño to Burgos (5 or 6 days), or Burgos to Léon (7 or 8 days).
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Sarria to Santiago if you want your Compostela.

Halloween break?

Buen camino.


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Every school in Ireland has a Halloween break...... a week off over the Bank Holiday in October!!! Jeez.... don't tell me that no one heard of it!!!


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Here Halloween is regarded as a retail opportunity to part people with their money due to pressure from their kids.
If there was a holiday attached we might think differently!


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I also came to the topic a bit confused by the "Halloween break" thing! :p

October should be not too hot, not too cold, but weather is very hard to predict, specially if you don't know which route you are doing!
Would you like to finish in Santiago? It does not matter?

I was a big, big fan of the Portuguese trail from Porto because of food and wine, but each person in different :)
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I was in Spain in 2016 during Halloween and, believe me, there was a break!! My Spanish friend's daughter said it was like a 'bridging' holiday - in that there was a public holiday and then people 'bridged' it with other leave to make a very long weekend!

I was trying to leave Santiago just before the holiday and the trains were all full! Luckily the woman at the ticket office stayed online until someone cancelled and she grabbed that (expensive) ticket for me.

Spanish people take this time of year to take flowers to honour their departed family members - so be aware, you may have trouble booking travel.

It was a beautiful time of year though!

buen camino
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Halloween comes before the big holiday, Todos Los Santos or All Saints Day (Nov 1) and All Souls day (Nov 2 - not sure if this is a holiday too) . For this year the 2 "todos days" are set nicely on Thursday and Friday, so just add Saturday and Sunday and you have a convenient break. ;)
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How about walking the Camino Ingles from Ferrol?You fly to Santiago, get on the bus to Ferrol and start walking. It is a 5 to 7 day walk and it is beautiful. It will be quiet in October, you better check the availability when it comes to open albergues. It is a bit more than 100 km so you can have a Compostella.
Buen Camino to you
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Every school in Ireland has a Halloween break...... a week off over the Bank Holiday in October!!! Jeez.... don't tell me that no one heard of it!!!
You know, when you don’t post your where from info, who is to know? So, ok, Ireland has a Halloween break. there aren’t that many days, when you take travel into account. Simplest would be to do a return to Santiago with Aerlingus. Then you can work out how many days you actually have. What’s wrong with going during the longer school holidays? You have more time to play around with, and the days are longer. That is a real plus, but it depends where you start, how hot it might be. Have you thought about contacting the St James’ Association in Dublin for some face to face advice? Maybe there will be some other people not too far from you who also have experience of walking the camino... the camino... one of the MANY!!! Wishing you clarity, and eventually, a wonderful camino.

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