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OBSOLETE COVID THREAD What happens if you get Covid on the trail?

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Sorry, this is the same topic as one of previous threads, but the focus would be a little bit different.

I decided in July that waiting a year or two for my next camino does not guarantee it will be safer by then. At my age safe time to travel may never come in my lifetime. So I decided in the last July that I would go to Italy and start my camino from Lucca in Italy. Now the COVID situation appears to be worse than last July.

The previous thread was about the costs of health care if one tested positive while on the camino, but my question is about the logistics. If one tested positive for COVID (probably after showing some symptoms), can he/she check into a hotel to isolate him/herself? From a hotel's point of view he/she would be an unwelcome guest because of obvious reason. Also taxi drivers would be reluctant to drive him/her. Even if there are no obvious visible symptoms, it would be grossly irresponsible behavior to take taxis or check into a hotel without the other party's knowledge of your COVID.

I am afraid that I will become an international "homeless" in Italy living and suffering on the street. What if this happen in Spain, France, or Portugal ?

Does anyone know?
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