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What is the current cost for bus from Pamplona to Roncesvall


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Hello, I would like to know what the current cost is for the 6 pm bus from Pamplona to Roncesvalles.

Also, could you please tell me what bus line it is and how to find the location of the bus station in Pamplona? We will be arriving into Pamplona by train from Barcelona.

As well what is the approximate cost of a taxi from Roncesvalles to SSJP?

There will be two of us traveling, (students) and we are trying to figure out transportation costs. Thanks
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It is hard to open the bus company web site - I can´t open it in my mac anyway.

But there is a bus going from Pamplona Bus Station to Roncesvalles at 6 pm every weekday, the cost should be less than 8 Euros.

To find the bus station you can make search: - google map pamplona - pamplona bus station.

It is right in the city close the old town. You can buy the tickets at the bus station.

an earlier thread maybe helps you also: traveling-to-from-the-camino/topic166.html
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buen camino
I hope this will be some help.

Walking directions to Estacion De Autobuses De Pamplona
1.9 km – about 25 mins

Estación de Renfe
Plaza de la Estación
31012 Pamplona, Spain
1. Head northeast on Calle del Muelle toward Calle de Muelle
0.1 km
2. Slight right at Calle de Muelle
36 m
3. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Av de Guipúzcoa
0.8 km
4. Continue on Bajada de la Estación
0.4 km
5. Continue on Calle de la Taconera
49 m
6. Slight left to stay on Calle de la Taconera
77 m
7. At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto Calle de Navas de Tolosa
0.2 km
8. Turn left at Paseo de Sarasate
Destination will be on the right
0.1 km

Estacion De Autobuses De Pamplona
C/ Yanguas Y Miranda / Yanguas Y Miranda Kalea 2
31003 Pamplona/iruña, Spain
looked at the website, the bus is 5.60EUR. i think my roncesvalles - sjjp taxi was 20eur between three people but maybe less. though the camino is cheap to do and costs are fairly predictable you should be prepared to have to pay more than expected the odd time.
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I am trying to go the other way, from Roncevalles to Pamplona after having arrived from St. Jean. Does the same bus turn around and go back to Pamplona that evening, by chance?
I visited several bus sites. One of them implies there are busses leaving Pamplona from 9:30 am till 18:00. Others show only 18:00.

Is it correct that on a Thursday the ONLY bus from Pamplona to Roncesvalles is at 6pm?

thanks so much!

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