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What to do with hair!

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Bob from L.A. !

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I have a portable hair straightener for long trips. My hair is wavy but I like it better when it's straightened. My hairstyle is important for me, so I always take my shampoo and other care products with me. It's really helping me out while going out somewhere. Monica helped me to choose an appropriate tool on her blog. My Ukliss USB mini flat Iron doesn`t take much space and allows to straighten my locks without spending a lot of time.
Just a suggestion.... If you plan on staying in albergues along any camino and plan on straightening your hair each day, you might want to get up extra early each day to occupy the bathrooms before anyone else is up and about.
Most mornings are fast and furious in an albergue, especially around the bathrooms, with people getting ready to step out.
Buen Camino......


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Coming this month - June 2018. Deciding route.

I’m doing my first ever Camino in March and I’m sure this has been asked a thousand times but what do you all do with your hair?

Mine is very long, thick and goes frizzy. Obviously I won’t be taking a hairdryer so I was wondering how you all dried it? I’m worried I’ll catch a head cold from having a wet head all the time! Eek!

Thank you for reading!

To some pilgrims, these things are trivial concerns, and yet we do live when we get home, so they do matter. I don't want your glorious hair to be sunburned. I have been considering what to do about my skin because of melasma. Some things I've found may benefit you. One of them is buffs. The right fabric can cover your hair wthout being very hot. The fabric touted for that, whether true of not is polyester microfiber. There is also a thing called a gaiter which covers your hair. It can be dipped in water, and is said to provide cool for some hours. I don't know if that's true Of course, it wont help your frizzies anymore than these optios will help me be more than a mummy figure, but they can protect your hair and hopeully not add to the heat effect. The kind of buff you'd want, would of course, be a full buff.


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Cold weather doesn’t make you sick, germs do, but research suggests that cold weather can create conditions that help those germs survive and thrive....so, she has not been BS ing you after all :)
It is still wrong to say wet hair gives you a cold. Colds are more prevalent in winter because people generally stay in doors more in close proximity to each other which can promote the dpread of the VIRUS. If wet hair caused colds all swim m ers would be struck down!


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I will be with you for a long time)
I don’t think you can get sick from wet hair so quickly. The main thing is not to weaken the body before the trip. My wife quite often washes her hair and, with wet hair, goes outside.

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