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What type of Soap do you take?


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I am looking for input on the type/amount of soap most people take on the Camino. Many people talk about taking one soap for everything (shampoo, laundry, body). In the States we have liquid soaps from Dr Bronner's 13-1 that come in small containers. But in Honduras I used a solid "cylinder" of soap for washing clothes that seemed to last a long time and would be stable.

What do most people use? And how much do you take? Do you buy more on the Camino?

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Jabon Magno by La Toja.

It is a bar of solid soap manufactured in Spain with a slight delicate fragrance and it is black in color. I used it for shampooing my hair, washing my body as well as washing a few articles of clothes each night, like the socks and underwear I wore during the day and then every 2-3 days would wash the thin nylon shirt and hiking shorts I always wore. The small bar would last quite a while, longer than I thought, perhaps as much as a couple of weeks, even with all that daily washing.

I used to take liquid soap while hiking but discovered on the Camino that a solid bar was not only lighter but lasted considerably longer for the weight carried. I just carried the bar of soap in my pack in a zip-lock baggy, and it became a little lighter each time I used it. You can replace it in most any village you pass through when you run out. It's great soap!
It's also called Jabon Lagarto and can be purchased almost anywhere. It costs very little, lasts a long time, washes well and the weight is minimal. You'll need only when you hand-wash. Wherever washing machines are available, the cost of the wash also includes detergent.

Buen camino!
I take a bottle of shampoo, and that does for hair, body and washing clothes.
I brought a half full bottle of shampoo+conditioner in one, as I have very long hair that will turn into dreadlocks without conditioner. I used that for everything including shampoo, soap, and to clean my clothes. It worked perfectly fine. I think it ran out after about 3 weeks, so I got another small bottle and was fine. I only washed my clothes in a machine one time in five weeks and all of my clothes were in fine condition!

If I had short hair, I would have probably taken a bar or dr.bronners.
2 Camino guides, €5 each
Clearing out some books before my move to the new office in a few weeks.
That's for the input.
I know it seems like a minor thing, but I am trying to keep my weight at a minimum.
I have been trying a bar of Dr. Bronner. It will not last two weeks. So I think I will be trying some of your suggestions there.
If it lasts for a couple of weeks, I say that is fine. If halfway through you need to buy something else, you'll be ok. Anyways, even if you have to carry a couple of extra ounces when you buy something new, you will be used to carrying weight by that point anyways, and it won't be enough to make a big difference. Just my 2 cents!

When you replenish halfway in your camino and cannot find small sized toothpaste, soap, etc. you can get rid of the extra weight by sharing the cost with a fellow pilgrim or just give it away, you will always find takers. That's what I did when I could not find small sized liquid toothpaste and soap.

Buen camino to all :arrow:
At first I used some hotel soap I brought with. But when it ran out I bought a small bar of Dove soap at a supermercado. I kept it in a small plastic bag at first, then switched to a small plastic soap container.

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