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What's on your pilgrimage bucket list?

Camino(s) past & future
Lourdes - Santiago April 2015, Via Francigena 2017
I wonder what routes are on the bucket lists of pilgrims who enjoy walking those long, long distances. Obviously for newcomers it'll be the Camino Frances, but what about others not only in Spain but in Italy and France? Would you consider doing a pilgrimage somewhere else in the world, and what route would it be? Why would these be top of your list of pilgrimage to-dos? Name your top three! I'll start: Via Francigena del Sud (after we did the VF Lausanne-Rome last year); Camino del Norte, for the coast, and the Via Egnatia, because it's new and looks exciting.


Camino(s) past & future
Too many and too often!
The circuit of Mount Kailash in Tibet. Politically tricky but it has been in the back of my mind for many years.
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances (2015); Camino Norte/Primitivo (2016); Camino Frances (2017); Le Puy (June 2018)
I have walked the Frances twice, and the Norte/Primitivo combo. This June I will tackle the Le Puy route in France as far as Moissac.
I do love Italy, so the Via Francigena is tucked in the back of my mind. Also, the San Salvador combined with the remainder of the Norte.


Camino = Empathy + Compassion.
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some and then more. see my signature.
Just walking from my front door in Belgium to Santiago. Starting here with the Via Monastica and then walking through France on the Via Turonensis, a little sidetour to Bayonne, next on the Camino Baztan and then I will see...;)
Camino(s) past & future
C. del Norte '17
C. de Fisterra '17
Berlin-Sant.-Muxia (from 2018)
Via Regia | Berlin-Leipzig '18
Like many others, every now and then I fantasise about walking from my front door. It'd be impossible to come from South Africa, so it would be from Berlin where I live now. Still, it's a 90-day trip if I don't rush it and take an occasional rest day - and lets be honest, which adult without a large trust fund has that kind time and funding?

Since I've done the Norte (and want to do at least one more before I return to walk it another 15 times - it's just so beautful!), I'd say the rest of my bucket list is Portugese and either the Invierno or del Salvador y Primativo.

MKalcolm M

Solvitur ambulando - It is solved by walking
Camino(s) past & future
north route spring 2013
Either to or from Jerusalem to Santiago, as yet to make my mind up which direction to go! (open to suggestions). I saw a website for a two month walk through Jordon which got me thinking about this, and it soon formulated into a loose plan.

The long term plan for when my daughter leaves school in a few years, and I can take six months for a long walk, is Te Araroa, the full length of New Zealand. Its a pleasant thought as I get ready for another week on a Sunday night....

Athena Atterdag

time&space traveller
Camino(s) past & future
Via Francigena (2017, 2018)
Via Turonensis (2018)
Camino de Invierno (2018)
Google Maps say it's 3,912 kilometres from my front door in St Petersburg to the cathedral in Santiago, or 805 hours of walking. Thank God we have airplanes and other wonderful things :)

My ultimate goal is to walk from Chartres to Santiago (the Via Turonensis + Camino Frances). I've already estimated that it'll take about two months, so no chance of going while I work where I work now. But one day... :)

And someday, I'd like to walk the entire Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome and then continue to Brindisi, fly to Tel Aviv, and continue to Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, I'm planning walking the Via Turonensis from Paris to Chartres, the Camino Portugues with a friend, and the Camino Primitivo. I'm also thinking of the Camino Invierno - here in Russia, we have long New Year/Christmas holidays lasting for more than a week, so I could walk it without actually taking a vacation.


Donante Vitalicio
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Infinito
I would love to walk from my front door to Santiago de Compostela, that's about 8908 kilometers, but there is a big ocean to cross, so, no go. Planning, planning, planning, currently planning my walk on Camino Portugues from Lisboa to SdC, dates to be determined. To all caminantes, buena suerte y que la luz de Dios alumbre su camino.
Camino(s) past & future
C. Francés (2004-), C. Portugués, C. de Madrid, 1/2 V. Plata, 1/8 Levante, hospitalera Grado 2016.
The 88 Temples route in Japan. The whole thing, so roughly 4 months - when I'm a pensioner. I'll probably spend the year before we go learning rudimentary Japanese.

There's a walk in Jordan that I'd like to do, as well, but right now, you can only do parts of it, with a group. A bit more peace and stability in the region, and a wee bit more infrastructure, please...

Peter Fransiscus

Do good and good will come to you.
Camino(s) past & future
All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
Getting through my next CF in one piece............ (with my marriage intact)
'She who must be obeyed' is joining me.

After that, if I am phsically able, I'd like to try a long one.
Maybe Le Puy to Sdc
or VdlP.
She who must be obeyed' is joining me.
It's giving and taking Robo .
My wife Marianne and I are so different in lenght , thats why it's not easy to do long walks together.
She walked alone from SJPdP to Santiago and I walked alone to .
That works fine for us.

Wish you both a wonderful journey and a Buen Camino,Peter.


Active Member
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May-July (2014),
May-July (2017)
Not really a pilgrimage, but it definitely qualifies as a "long walk". In the States, as well as the familiar Appalachian Trail (~6m) or the Pacific Coast Trail (~5m) there is the Mountain to Sea Trail in North Carolina (2000km - ~2m-3m). It runs from Clingman's Dome in the Smokie Mountians to Kill Devil Hills on the Atlantic Coast. A portion of the trail can be chopped off by taking stopping after Raleigh and taking the Neuse River route via Canoe. Being in NC myself, I've walked portions of the trail as part of day-hikes.
The first third is similar to the AT (a wilderness hike); the remainder is more like Camino (mixed trail and roads). The Neuse River Kayak/Canoe portion sounds just plain cool!
It's on the bucket list for about 2022 as a retirement present for myself and my bride.


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Camino(s) past & future
Portugues Central, Santarem-Santiago - 2017; Portugues Interior, Sanabres, Fisterra & Muxia - 2018
I'd like to walk from the South of Portugal, like Faro or Lagos to Santiago. I've walked between Santarem and Porto and Porto and Santiago taking the central route both times, now thinking of walking along the coast at some point for a change.
Camino(s) past & future
Frances starting SJPdP Sept/Oct 2015, April/May 2017
Sure Heda but you will have to do a lot of rowing to get here.;)
Ah no I have a plan. I only have to row as far Vietnam. From there I can catch trains all the way to Belgium. Before Christmas I even worked out the timetables. Well to be precise I worked out the timetables all the way to Madrid. It would take well over a week but is surprisingly cheap. :D

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