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COVID When would you consider going back to the camino?

I would come back...

  • when there is a vaccine

    Votes: 149 37.3%
  • for a camino in my own country

    Votes: 15 3.8%
  • the moment travel restrictions have lifted

    Votes: 173 43.3%
  • for a quiet camino staying in private accomodations

    Votes: 63 15.8%

  • Total voters
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I hope this won't become a polemic thread. It is a serious dilemma I have. What to do after the authorities make travelling possible again? My case is different from most of you, because I live in Spain. Most likely from May 11 on, I will be allowed again to travel within Asturias (after a lockdown of almost 2 months). The Covid19 numbers are low in this province, especially in the countryside (where I live). Theoretically I could plan a couple of days on the Norte or the Primitivo. And maybe from the end of June in other parts of Spain as well.

A pro would be that camino businesses desperately need income. A con would be that it is unnecessary travel. But what if I would stay away from the cities and the crowds? Book private accomodations? Do others here have similar dilemmas and would you for example consider a camino in your own country as an alternative? Or would you travel to Spain to walk again the moment the travel restrictions have lifted? Maybe taking all kind of measures you could think of (social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks...).

Or is a camino just not a camino if you can't share bread, albergues and stories with other pilgrims?
The two times I did the Camino 2017 and 2019 I stayed in all but first night single accommodations due to being a migraine sufferer. So I would hope to do the same the next time I can go.


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Before the pandemic there were many US government travel advisories for countries that it's possible to fly to from the US.


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I personally think playing the ‘what if...’ game helps one to prepare for possible scenarios that might/maybe/could present themselves. As long as one is clear that they are ‘what ifs’.

I was in the middle of moving to Europe when 9/11 happened. I did the contemplation for every reasonably potential ‘what if’ I could think of, and continued with my move, confident that I had plans. In the training I have done on emergency preparedness, ‘what if’ plays a good part of contingency planning.

My own return to the camino is predicated on feeling reasonably confident that the world has a handle on this disease ... whether that be sufficient capacity to cope within the health care systems, sufficient testing tracing and corralling, or a reasonable vaccine widely available, etc., and confidence that flying in a tin can with recycled air isn’t a stupid thing to do.... really so many variables. Not least of which is whether Europe opens their borders in a careful manner.

Judging by the selfish behaviour on display in parks and beaches with the first opening up of lock downs, I’m not confident that traveling will be safe for some time yet.
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When is the best time to walk?

  • January

    Votes: 16 1.2%
  • February

    Votes: 10 0.8%
  • March

    Votes: 54 4.2%
  • April

    Votes: 196 15.2%
  • May

    Votes: 323 25.0%
  • June

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  • July

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  • August

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  • November

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