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Where can I buy 35mm professional film??


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Hi there

I am starting the Camino in a couple of weeks and, like everyone else, I'm trying to reduce the weight of my pack! I am a photographer and I'm taking my film camera and am wondering if anyone can tell me how easy it is to get professional film in the cities/large towns along the Camino Frances??

If I know I can buy more along the way, obviously I don't need to bring as much with me. But I also don't want to spend hours and hours searching for places to buy it....dilemma!

I would really appreciate any help/advice anyone has to offer - And yes, I know digital is more practical BUT I am working on a particular project and would prefer to use film. I am also taking a compact digital for 'happy snaps' ;)
The film I will be wanting is Ilford Black and White and Kodak Portra.

Thanks so much in advance!! :)
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I don't think you'll find it amazingly easy of course it helps if you can ask around in spanish...

There were camera shops in Burgos (on the main road you walk in on) and in Leon. It's possible you'll find camera shops in Logrono and Astorga and of course Santiago. Along most of the route though you will be walking through smaller towns and villages, there will be shops catering for pilgrim needs (i remember seeing memory cards & batteries on sale and maybe camera films?) but trying to find a specific type of film may be more tricky. I don't think many people use film cameras now and most people on the camino seem to use their phones.

Bear in mind also that trying to find a specific item is not always easy en-route, you will probably be walking in the morning when the shops are open, when you reach a big town (if you're the type that sleeps in big towns) it will probably be siesta time and the shops are shut, then you will have a couple of hours in the evening to try to find the right shop, this all depending on you walking into the right size town/city at a time/on a day when the shops are open... I'm not trying to put you off, i've never been looking for camera film, maybe there's loads available? But I do know i walked from Villamajor de Montjardin (where my camera broke) to Burgos without a functioning camera last year before I found a camera shop that was open.

I would take a good supply with you (weight issues aside) and buen camino! :D


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Hi the Spanish are just as into photography as everyone else. I'm sure in the main cities along the route you will find photography shops which will supply 35 mm film. But if in doubt e mail the local tourist offices in advance. You could also post supplies ahead to be picked up at various points if you wanted to ensure that you had sufficient. The Lostphotographer and Javier from Madrid are both photographers and users of the Forum PM them for advice from other professionals.


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As a film user having walked the Camino, here is my take on it.
Film is not particularly heavy or bulky. I took 10 rolls of 36 with me and then chose my shots. I had to budget myself to 10 or 12 pictures per day. It was a matter of making them count.

This may be very different from the professional who choose one subject and click off a dozen or more frames.

I enjoy finding Camino photo shows on the WEB and look at every picture with a warm heart, but some of these shows are filled with redundant pictures of boring stuff. They are of interest to few other than the pilgrim who shot them. I prefer to see 100 pictures selected for their merit than every frame by a person who took 20+ photos per day.

Think of how easy it is to purchase the specific film you want in a city at home. I live in a city of 500,000 and can only think of one store where I would ask for the film you want. Camera stores just aren't stocking the variety of films they did 10 years ago.

The Camino is rich in photo subjects and a person with an eye for a good photo will not be disappointed. I hope you have a good Camino.

David, Victoria, Canada.


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You could send rolls of film ahead to yourself to a number of towns en route.

Write your name on the parcel as it appears in your passport as you will have to produce ID when collecting from the Post Office. Remember, most Correos are closed on Sundays and close early on Saturdays.

Dale. C. H.
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Thank you SO much to everyone who has replied - all suggestions are good ones! I think I will do as most of you have suggested and post some film ahead. Much better than wasting time searching for film in the towns - I'm sure there will much more enjoyable ways to use any spare time we may have.

Thanks so much again for taking the time to reply to my post :)

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