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LIVE from the Camino Where to buy brass pavement shells in Santiago?

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2016 recce, 2017 full Frances
Walking the Camino Frances I have seen a variety of designs of brass shells embedded in pavements, guiding our way to Santiago. One of these is pretty much the only physical thing both my dad and I would like to take back to our respective homes. I'm surprised I've not seen any (other than 2 fairly icky cheap ones and one stupendously expensive so-so one) for sale in Santiago - we have been fairly thorough in looking in the city centre shops!
Does anyone who knows the city know if/where I can buy these? We're off to Finisterre and Muxia tomorrow but back for a few days before we fly home on the 7th.
Any advice much appreciated :)


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Lots ;0)
There is a shop on the Rua das Casas Reals, on your right as you walk up from the Puerto de Camino which sells Conches and other Jacobean souvenirs in Brass. They are quality cast items and their price reflects the craftsmanship and quality of material. Stupendous or 'icky' you pays your money and you takes your choice. You could always make your own so long as you can heat your copper and zinc to somewhere above 900c and your mould isn't too wet or dry.

Happy shopping ;)
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2016 recce, 2017 full Frances
Thanks. We'll take a look next week. Not sure my DIY skills are up to it - would rather pay for quality craftsmanship. Even if we then embed it in a path!
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Sarria to Santiago Oct 2016; SJPDP To Santiago Oct 2018
That's the exact shop I was going to suggest, Rúa das Casas Reais, 23. It sort of looks like a hardware shop from the street. I was there in October last year when a friend purchased a beautiful brass shell door knocker, another lovely use for the shell symbol. She loved the idea of the Camino spirit forever on her front door, pilgrims always welcome
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Camino Frances, 2015

Anemone del Camino

A few doors down from Pilgrim House, towards the cathedral, there is a shop that sells Galician specialties including metal shells. Not brass, more iron looking. I bought a few of the as Christmas tree ornaments. They are made by a local welder.

Glenn Rowe

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It seems that many of us are familiar with the Ferreteria (hardware store) on Rua das Casas Reais.
A quick aside: our 10-year-old nephew grew very interested in our accidental inclusion of a "Ferreteria" sign in one of our Barcelona pictures. He wondered aloud if they sold real ferrets there.

His father, who teaches Spanish in high school, quickly stepped in.
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Anemone del Camino

The shop I mentioned aboce is called Mestre Mateo, it's located at Rua Nova no.3. I think the ironish works they sell are mase by Forja de Santiago.


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Rua do villar 14. There you can buy the brass shell you are looking for. The name is casa Miguel
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2016 recce, 2017 full Frances
Thanks everyone!! For others' reference:

The Ferreteria Casas Chico as 23 Casas Reais has a range of pieces at very reasonable prices. Very nice old hardware store!!

Casa Miguel at Rio do Villar 14 has a range of quality shiny things - expensive but well made.

The Mestre Mateo shop on Rua Nova 3 seems to have turned into an optical shop of the same name.

Pilgrims have now shopped - thanks for the information all!!

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