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WHERE to get a donkey if you were going to walk with it?


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Wondering also about drop off in Santiago or if there is one and difficulty in finding feed or water?
Thank you for any information you can provide.
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Don't know if this has been mentioned elsewhere on the Forum, but I recently heard an interview on the radio of the author of Last of the Donkey Pilgrims, Kevin O'Hara, who walked the coast of Ireland with a donkey. Even listening to the author on the radio has changed immeasurably my view of donkeys. You can Google the book. I haven't read it yet but will, as soon as I am able.
Are you going to push or pull and do you have a partner lined up to pull or push?
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I met a woman in the mountains of Zubiri who was walking the CF with a donkey. She did it because she figured the donkey would carry her stuff. The donkey wasn't crazy about going down that mountain. The donkey wasn't crazy about Pamplona. The donkey wasn't crazy about walking with sore legs. The donkey wasn't crazy and eventually stopped walking. The pilgrim and the donkey didn't get past Los Arcos, as I recall.
I agree it is not going to be easy and you may want to reconsider.
Why not just use backpack transport?
Cheaper and you don't have to feed it.

I have met 2 people using donkeys.
Both wished they had made a different choice.
If you want to travel with a donkey, do the Robert Louis Stevenson trail. It is totally geared up to handle donkeys, and there are many good experienced donkeys available. We walked it last year (without a donkey) and got to know many people and their donkeys along the way. neither would have been very happy on the Camino. the Robert Louis Stevenson trail...
I hadn't heard of this trail, so I immediately looked it up and discovered this website which also indicates other routes in France (where I'm based) - so many different walks are out there. I'm looking forward to start trying them soon.
Suzanne :)
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