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Where to start on the Aragones


Hi Everyone,

I'm going to be walking the Aragones in July 09. Flying to Pau from London on Ryan Air and want to begin in Oloron Ste Marie, but I was thinking of starting in Lourdes. The problem is that I am walking with a friend who has never done this before (I've done the Frances once before). I don't want him to get discouraged right away so I'm trying to find the best "beginner" days to get him started.

On the Camino Frances 2 years ago, the first day from St Jean nearly killed my walking partner and it took her 5 days to recover. I just don't want this to happen again.

I'm looking for the best place to start where the first 2 days will be relatively easy and there will be plenty of lodging. Can anyone give me an idea of what the first 2 days from Lourdes are like. Are there places to stay? Difficult stages? etc.

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Hi Cilento,
I'll be starting in Lourdes on 6th June and hope to be able to post on a blog from time to time.
Here is an excerpt from a forum member's diary who walked the route last year - seems the first day or two will not be too strenuous for your friend.

From Lourdes to Oloron-Ste Marie is about 40% walking on foot paths, 60% pavement, much ups and downs, but not very high. If the weather is (or was wet) some paths in the woods are muddy or when going through fields and these fields are not mowed, you will be wet up to your waist.
From Oloron-Ste.Marie the route goes up to the Somport-Pass through the "Val d'Aspe". We walked a lot on the main road through that valley, N 134, specially from Sarrance, because signs along the route warned not to go on the foot path for safety reasons due to the heavy rainfall early 2007.
Thanks so much for the reply! Your PM and the others I've received have been incredibly helpful.

It gives me lots to obsess over for the next 2 months. Can't wait to read your blog entries.

Buen Camino!

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